Arnold Schwarzenegger and Angelina Jolie Comic Books: Coming Soon!

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One is a politician, the other a humanitarian. And now Arnold Schwarzenegger and Angelina Jolie can both add a new title to their resumes: comic book hero.

The former Governor of California will soon be transformed by none other than legendary writer Stan Lee, who has created The Governator and tells Entertainment Weekly of the character:

"[He] is going to be a great superhero, but he’ll also be Arnold Schwarzenegger. We’re using all the personal elements of Arnold’s life... Only after he leaves the governor’s office, Arnold decides to become a crime fighter and builds a secret high-tech crime-fighting center under his house in Brentwood.”

Jolie, meanwhile, is the latest in a long line to be honored by Bluewater Productions. That company has also published comic books for Lady Gaga, Justin Biber, Robert Pattinson and many others.

"I learned a great deal about her struggles and triumphs as an award-winning actress, mother and humanitarian," writer Brent Sprecher said of working on the fictional adventure.

He also gave her a giant rack. Check it out above!


lol!!! this is the stupidest thing i've ever heard of!!! but i will say, that they drew angelina jolie almost exactly like she does in real life.


who drew angelina jolie to look ugly? she's way more beautiful than that. boo.


Angelina is an enigma, her inimitable beauty eclipses her peers, a depth of talent that just keeps surprising in terms of versatility and genuine portrayals, her dedication to her work as UN ambassador. One of the few female actors who actually know how to handle weapons and looks so comfortable with a semi automatic in tow. All that and the mother of six, just two pregnancies but blessed with twins and three beautiful adopted babes. If anyone deserves super hero status it's Angelina, she is the shining star of Hollywood and beyond. How boring it would be if we only had the clingy clones in the latest fashion to ponder over in mags.

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