Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad: Cutest Commercial Ever?

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Volkswagen didn't go for cheap laughs or celebrity stunts during last night's Super Bowl.

Instead, the car maker aimed straight for heart in the following spot, featuring a child dressed up as Darth Vader, trying his hardest to produce The Force.

It didn't work on his dog, however, or on the washing machine or on a stationary bike. But then the boy's father arrived home, pulled his vehicle into the driveway and... see for yourself. The final reaction shot may be the most adorable scene in commercial history:


Loved it! He was perfect!!!


I loved this commercial...


This,by far,was the best commercial!!!! His reaction was so typical of a child like WOW it really works. The others don't hold a candle to this and were a waste of time and money. I really enjoy reading about his health problems and how he and his family have perservered and risen above. God Bless Max


It's not 30 seconds, it's a minute!


I am not a fan of football so did not watch the game. Did read online about the commercial so watched it. I have a 37 year old son and can relate to him doing exactly the same thing that the little boy did. I thought it was great - rewatched it 5 times through the evening.