The Pulse: One Lackluster Oscar Night

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The 2011 Academy Awards left a lot to be desired.

From filler to f-bombs and failed co-hosts, the granddaddy of Hollywood galas just didn't cut it, although there were some memorable moments.

THG examines the highlights (what few there were), and why this year's Oscars were largely forgettable in our latest edition of The Pulse ...

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It was boring from the start because you knew who was going to win and there no surprises at all. Give James a break he did all the dumb things like put on a leotard and a dress. waste of time not just because of the hosts.


JulieLynn nobody plays grand theft auto anymore a new one hasnt came out since 2008 get with it


First of all, they should take the money James Franco was paid and give it to Anne Hathaway. She did all the work! His pre-Oscar interview showed to me that he was petrified of going on to host the Oscars in 20 minutes. OR, that he had taken some Xanax or something. He was very,very bad. But, I, too would have been scared to get up in front of all those people!
They need seasoned actors to host the Oscars. I think Sandra Bullock would be an awesome host and Will Smith. They have class when they need too, but wit and are "down to earth" humor.
And as far as the Academy wanting to get the younger crowd demographics....forget it! The young are into vampire movies and Grand Theft Auto. They're not going to appreciate quality movies!

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