Anne Hathaway and James Franco: Funny or A Failure?

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About an hour into the 2011 Academy Awards telecast, co-host James Franco walked on to the stage in a dress.

To viewers, this was likely seen as either an act of desperation or hilarity, as he also tossed in a joke about Charlie Sheen, turning to Anne Hathaway and quipping: ”You got to wear a tuxedo so I wore this. The weird thing is I just got a text message from Charlie Sheen.”

Cue... laughter? Or eye rolling?

James Franco in a Dress

You tell us. Did the use of actors over comedians work for the ceremony? Or were you more entertained by Tweeting during the event than by what Hathaway and Franco were actually saying/doing?

Give the hosts a grade:


I think he could have comfortably ditched hath-away and worked his own script and charm.But I think that they could both be over it by now, come back again for another round some time, however it works out.


Why u people so harsh, they are young and new to this give them a break i think they did absolutly well i enjoyed every bit of it way to go hosts....

@ Tami

because age is not a factor in sense of humour I have had a reat ne all y life anne hathaway has poor taste, is stupid and possesses nowit or sense ofhuour period.


Do I need to reiterate the obvious? The world knows that this was the worst Oscar ever hosted and produced. Twi-hards were livid, because apparently Mr. Cohen the producer had twitted inviting the twihards to stay tune, because the academy has prepared a "mindblowing" twilight presentation, but failed to deliver. The fandom thinks that they have been duped by the Academy Haha! Watch your back there Mr. Bruce Cohen!


James Franco was a really strange choice. A relatively new guy who has no relationship with most of the actors there. He has no sense of humor, and certainly not the talent to pull off hosting. What a terrible choice. Anne Hathaway did the best she could with the lousy writers.


anne hathaway is just...boring.
she's too ordinary actress to host such an extraordinary event like oscar. and the tuxedo-and-gown idea just make it worse.i feel sorry for you, Franco...of being a cheap transvestites for one night. well, if they want to give us a breakthrough, they're just fail.


They did okay as hosts but I would prefer to have a witty actor like robert downing jr as a oscar host!


I will decline an opinion of the two hosts,but I will say Bravo for the geniuses who chose Mr. Kirk Douglas to be the presenter for the Best Supporting Actress category. Kirk's wit and charm was a highlight in milking the suspense in announcing the name of the supporting actress winner. It was especially funny of his flirtation with Anne Hathaway considering the fact that he has been married to his wife Anne for over 50 years, and reaffirmed their vows a few years ago. Love you, and way to go Kirk Douglas. Bravo!!


Franco may be a good actor, but man, he was as boring as batshit when it came to hosting. Was he stoned? Or is he always that dull?
Hathaway, whilst definitely the more natural of the two, did her best, but still couldn't save it.
But are they to blame, or in reality, the writers?
Why, oh why oh why oh why oh why, do the Oscars employ what appear to be hack comedic writers to write watered down and mundane jokes? Yes, they have to jokes for the general public, but that doesn't mean they all need to be jokes that your dad usually makes.
This is HOLLYWOOD, man, the place where the greatest films in the world are made, meaning, the greatest screenwriters in the world hang out...pick up a phone and give them a damn call...

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