Melissa Leo Drops F-Bomb in Oscar Acceptance Speech For Some Reason

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Melissa Leo cemented her name in Academy Awards history last night, but not merely because the 50-year-old made the list of 2011 Oscar winners.

After winning Best Supporting Actress honors for her role in The Fighter, her colorful acceptance speech certainly took the audience by surprise.

With an unnecessary and unexpected f-bomb, Melissa set producers scrambling to bleep the verbal gaffe in time for the tape-delayed airing on ABC ...

Getting choked up, the star exclaimed: "When I watched Kate [Winslet] win [the same award] two years ago, it looked so f*%king easy!"

Co-host Anne Hathaway joked shortly thereafter: ‘Wow, and here I thought the 'F' stood for 'The Fighter.' It's the young and hip Oscars!’

The actress later apologized for her use of the expletive, explaining she got caught up in the moment, and didn’t mean to offend anyone.

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What goes around comes around. That's how I know what kind of standards she has for herself...Very low ones.


...and as for the acceptance speech, after having dropped that little word bomb, was a bomb in and of itself. tsk-tsk


slowhand422, it is the lowering of standards. The lower the standards fall, the lower we fall. Nope, never told anyone NOT to drop the f-bomb, just don't understand what is so objectionable about behaving with dignity and integrity. How far should we lower our standards before it's too far? As self-righteous as you are about it not being a big deal, I am equally so that it is. Get over myself? Right back at ya.


And the award for best melodrama goes to....BSmythe! Get over it...someone saying "F" is hardly the fall of western civilization. Just because someone is not offended by it doesn't mean they are unintelligent. And for the record, I think "Freedom of Speech" means someone else can't tell you what to say or how to say it...sort of like what you are trying to do. Get over yourself. It's no big deal.


Steinar, it is because of mushy, ignorant minds like yours that we are becoming a third world country. Freedom of speech doesn't mean you should drop the F-bomb three times in a sentence because you have so few words in your vocabulary. Read a book. Or is a comic book about your speed?


I'm sure the Parents Television Council will be holding it against her.


wat da hell nd so lets everybdy get da fuck over it pllssssssssssssss


This word is as common as the day is long, it's time to stop making a big deal out of it.


I don't get what the big deal is. Why should a word that everyone already knows and use sometimes. Free speech has a loose meaning in the U.S.


She's probably still in character. ;-)