Source: Brad Womack Lies, Totally Proposed to Laurel Kagay

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Laurel Kagay said Brad Womack popped the question to her before going on The Bachelor. He said reports of a marriage proposal were just "embellishment."

So who's telling the truth?

One of her friends, furious at Brad's "lies" and his decision to paint Laurel as "some crazy who invented it all in her head," wants to set the record straight.

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Whether he proposed or not, Brad dated Laurel for years.

"If Brad Womack didn't propose to Laurel Kagay then I'm the Queen of England," Laurel's pal wrote in a series of scathing posts on her personal blog.

In one text message to his sweetheart, which Laurel Kagay shared with Us, Womack vowed: "You're my future, Roo. Nothing is going to change that.

"Laurel, I'm serious about this. Please marry me?"

The friend said Brad even took Laurel ring shopping at a Cartier boutique - and even asked her parents for their blessing to marry their daughter!

"I was always his biggest fan but not after the way he ditched Laurel to go on The Bachelor, because they offered a ton of money," the friend said.

"Then the way he totally denied their relationship, basically demeaning it to nothing. I'm sorry, Brad, but you have officially p*ssed me off."


Of course, even if Brad did propose, she didn't say yes, we're guessing. His feelings for Chantal/Emily/Ashley aren't necessarily fake, either.

See The Bachelor spoilers here to see who he picks. Supposedly. Even the most trusted sources are wrong sometimes. But we doubt it here.


I certainly agree with you(Deek)one man"s trash is another man "s treasure,she needs to get over it...


She needs to move on with her life and forget about Brad,since she didn't feel like marrying him.I guess it hurts to see how many girls out there would be willing to say. 'I DO" to him....


Exactly! (to response above) He obviously got tired of her turning him down. Also, I personally believe she may be a little hurt he's found love and moved on because I really just don't see why you would want to warn the future girl about his recent proposal? That's just selfish and mean in my opinion to put the winner through all the tabloids. What she could have done was waited until she found out who the winner was and then told her privately (especially if she'll be moving to Austin) That is what I would have done, so I think she is selfish. You said No for whatever reason, so he can do whatever he wants. I'm sure Laurel is a very nice girl, but she needs to drop it, nobody cares at this point.


Yes he proposed and she said "No." Stop bringing it up already!

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