Laurel Kagay: Brad Womack Proposed to Me Last Summer!

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Brad Womack has played the role of a commitment-phone turned "changed man" well on this season of The Bachelor, his second in the starring capacity.

But if the Texan does get down on one knee and propose to Chantal O'Brien, Emily Maynard, Ashley Hebert or Michelle Money, it won't be the first time.

At least according to Laurel Kagay, his on-off girlfriend of eight years. She tells Us that Brad asked to marry her several times - including last summer!

Brad's Double Life

DOUBLE LIFE: Laurel raises some pretty serious questions if what she says about Brad is true. But was there even any deception involved on his part?

"Even when we weren't together, he'd say how much he loved me and was going to marry me," says Laurel, noting that Brad proposed right before The Bachelor.

After spending the summer trying to woo her back, making comments to the effect of "I will marry you right now," he left to star on the ABC show a second time.

THG NOTE: If Laurel Kagay looks familiar, it's because she also dated Wes Hayden, and was his rumored "girl back home" while he was on The Bachelorette.

Wes denied he and Laurel were an item at the time of the show, despite a major hatchet job by the producers (and Jake Pavelka) to convince us otherwise.

Regardless of what happened there, she and Brad were serious. Even after he left to film the show last fall, Brad Womack continued to send Kagay emails.

Now that Womack is telling the world he's found love this time around (The Bachelor spoilers here offer a good guess at who), Kagay wants to warn her.

"I'm sure the girl he picked would want to know he was proposing to another woman right before he started taping," she says. "I would want to know."

What do you think? Even if this is true, should it matter?

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I think she is a lot jealous of Emily and looking to cash in on some fame. Emily is beautiful inside and out. Anyone that would constantly try and grasp for the spotlight, air her business and continually run an ex down is not. Best Wishes to Brad and Emily.


Yeah, a fame whore who wants her 2 seconds of fame...leave Brad and Emily alone!!! Let them see if they can sustain a relationship after all these hoopla.


So she also dated another guy going on the Bachelor before too?? obviously this girl wants money and sad to see someone go this far to get that!!


If Brad proposes her right after the "Bachelor" then it would be an issue!


Who cares?? Definitely she said NO because they didn't get married and Brad continued the Bachelor. She just want publicity because sooner or later Brad would propose to somebody. My question is, is she jealous now?


So...she obviously said "NO". Thus, he is now trying to move forward. Would I care if he proposed to someone before me? "NO". In the end, he'd be married to me. The End


So...she obviously said "NO". Thus, he is now trying to move forward. Would I care if he proposed to someone before me? "NO". In the end, he'd be married to me. The End


This woman just wants her 2 minutes of fame and whatever pay cheque they gave her to do this story. WHO CARES - bitter much? Its not like he proposed while on the show! They will turn anything into a story.


Frankly, if these women aren't smart enough to figure out that EVERYONE involved in a show like this is only in it for their 15 minutes of fame, then they pretty much deserve what they get.


Nothing more than a publicity stunt.