OMG! Scott Disick Loves Kim Kardashian!

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Things are about to get rather awkward in the Kardashian household.

It's all due to a shocking, 100% true and valid confession that Scott Disick makes in the latest edition of In Touch Weekly: he's in love with Kim Kardashian.

This is apparently more newsworthy than the other big story of the week: Brad Pitt is still seeing Jennifer Aniston. Naked, we presume. Wow...

Crushing on Kim

In response to this story - clearly not printed with the full permission of the Kardashians in exchange for a bundle of cash - Kim Tweeted a photo of the magazine, along with the message:

OMG @ScottDisick I had no idea u felt this way! @KourtneyKardash we need to talk.

There you have it, folks. Verified by Kim herself. Might a threeway sex tape be far behind?


Fuck all this Bull this is not even important


I don't doubt at all that Scott thinks Kim is beautiful- she has a much better body than her sister, besides her tape- K is sweeter & more mature. But I don't think she would betray her own sister and go for her nephews daddy, no way. But besides that I do beleive Scott has a crush on Kim, you can see it on their show. More reason for Kourntey to hate on her sister now. These people are all about fame & money- it's the root to all sorts of pain and injuries. This is what they get for wanting to be so rich and center of attention.


@ Jake, the diabetes insults are uncalled for.


i bet this is like not ture i know that kim wouldnt do something like that when he has a kid with his sister IT IS NOT TURE


Regarding the poster know only as "BEBE"......Holy jesus in gods name...where did you learn how to spell? Let me guess? The last grade you completed was 6th grade right? Ebonics was swept under the rug a long time ago due to the government(I presume?) basically saying...."NO!!! You lazy bastards can't start your own caveman/street, thug slang/language!!! Go to school & learn like everyone else!!!". Now, here YOU are trying to write Ebonically(a new word maybe?). I can only imagine what your like in person? OOOOH I know?!!! Absolutely obese with diabetes, sickle cell & a really bad attitude due, no doubt, to your lowlowlowlow self esteem issue which you conveniently hide behind your dope/tough girl facade.


This whole family is weird, you never know what to expect specially from Kim Kardashian


*OMG Kim has SO MANY HATERS.. I doubt this is true.. Kim Is a Bad Bitch nd she makes her money.. What makes her a Hoe??? If it is abt the sex tape with Ray-J, come on ppl that was her man at the time nd if she wants to fck him then let her fck him.. Yal Lame as fck for tlkn bout her as if she's Nobody, b/c Kim is somebody nd the same one's tlkn shyt are the same one's wantin to be jux lyk her.. Fck your opinions, Kim is the SHYT nd she would never do this to Kourt..*


Ireally think that scott is just saying this so they both could CASH ON IT!!!!! The Kardashians want a bundle of cash before printing the story with out their permission. It so obvious that it is all about money. How is he going to openly admit that he is in love with his son's mother's sister.. People like this are never satisfied with the money they have greedy people always want more. And of course selfish, they don't think about those children that are hungry.Or to donate some money to CHARITIES. kim looks sick in those naked pictures. How would any man respect her? Kim don't you think that in the future you would be a mother and your child will grow up one day and see's his or her mother naked for all to see. think about that. No you won't think about that you just think $$$$$$$ signs.


Omg!!! I wouldn't doubt it coming from Scott or Kim she's a hoe and he's a drunky she looks like she would betray her sister since she always wants to be the center of attention Kim ur played out u have been with everyone in hollywoods man upgrade!!


Kim is ssssssoooooooooo dank scot is a lucky guy

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