Michael Lohan to Billy Ray Cyrus: I Feel Ya!

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Michael Lohan has just reached out to fellow embattled celeb dad Billy Ray Cyrus in an open letter. We have no earthly idea why, so don't even ask.

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    ok i didnt even need to finish the whole story, but billy ray dont ever follow michael lohan footsteps, miley cyrus is a good girl dont push her to a situation till she follow lindsay lohan


    Billy Ray Cyrus and Michael Lohan are both pathetic and by refusing to keep family problems private, they have both only added to the stress in their families. The same is true of Britney and Jamie Lynn's mom. Instead of supporting their daughters and protecting them, they try to make themselves look good and profit off of their children's problems. So sad. And then they wonder why their daughters turn their backs on them.


    WOW ok? AKWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Um... "Bumps and grinds" is probably not what he meant to imply. I hope. Awkward...


    Well both their daughters are on a "crash and burn" streak.


    Neither of theses men have sacrificed anything for their famlies. In fact they profited off their kids when they were minors!! Both had the ability to shut it down when things started to get crazy but neither did. Their divorces are not their kids fault and how dare they suggest it! I might have a bit of sympathy or maybe think more of them if they owned up to their part of the problem and admitted it. But until then I will continue to see parents who allowed their children to do unacceptable things and basically let the kids run the show while that money went to them and are now upset to be cut out. how can they they wonder what happened when the example they gave was so bad? Though I must say Miley Cyrus is nowhere Lindsay Lohans wackjob-ness and I hope she never goes there.


    Damn Michael Lohan! He'll do anything for publicity! But that letter does have some truths to it. Good luck to you, Mr. Cyrus. Keep on fighting for your kid!


    True..they are passing through the same situations....divorces,slutty and messed up daughters too.......

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