Lindsay Lohan White Dress Sells Out After Sexiest Arraignment Ever

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Want to dress like an accused jewel thief?

You don't need an orange jumpsuit, although Lindsay Lohan may be donning one of those soon enough. A tight white dress she wore to her Wednesday arraignment on grand theft charges has become the talk of the celebrity fashion world.

It's also sold out at online retailers. God bless America!

Hottest Thief Ever
Lindsay Lohan White Dress

MAKING A STATEMENT: We don't mean her not guilty plea, either. Lindsay Lohan pictures from court this week? Not un-hot! [Photos: Pacific Coast News]

While we don't recommend it at your next arraignment, the "Glavis" dress, by Kimberly Ovitz, retails for $575 and is from the designer's pre-fall collection.

Lohan's choice of white was inspired, she says, to represent her innocence. Deep. It also made it her stand out in all the outside-the-courthouse mayhem.

Some are claiming Lohan was paid to wear the dress to give Ovitz some exposure and a jump in sales. If so, she may or may not have stolen that too.


okay freaks... what is up with the comments either coming from bitter (alcoholics?) (haters), or pervs who feel the need to let us know what they think of when wanking (to pictures of her?)? seriously, who never stole a candy bar as a kid? glass houses people... she is very beautiful woman and i do enjoy seeing pictures of her. i also have empathy for her other problems and, not being a duly appointed court official, or deity, reserve judgment and just appreciate the pretty girl. almost every person i've ever known has made big mistakes early in their life. if they don't learn from them they end up in jail long term, or dead, or living dead. as far as i know, only my mother never made any mistakes (a virgin bride, a saintly mother...) okay, now i'm just being facetious. so isn't there a way to FLAG the comments of cussers and porno-philes?


It would be so nice if we could see Lindsay in a dress which did not make her look like a hooker.


Great body great tits and legs.. Would love to shoot a load on her stomach and in her ass..


A drunk, a thief, blame it on your memory loss. You thought about stealing before you walked into the store. No, you weren't raised this way. All theives say the SAME! SLAM her asss.


While Lindsay has the body to pull off this dress (though court was NOT the place to wear it,sooo inappropiate) I'm willing to bet that most of the people who the dress sold out too are going to look awaful in it. Tight white is not flattering to anyone but the very few great bodied people on the planet.


Good! Finally the little drunk has to follow the rules just like everyone else. Oh! but wait, Daddy or someone will come along and say something to some one and she will be out and partying in no time! La LA la La LA. Off to fantasy land.


She's HOT, but she needs to go back to her natural red hair color and keep it. NATURAL redheads are special. If she would start working out & put some muscle on those calves, she would be even HOTTER! She's got a beautiful NATURAL pair of tits!


y da hell was she dressed like that. These young celebrities never take anything seriously it was inappropriate


Well it it pretty!

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