Laura Mendoza Govan Serves Gilbert Arenas... at Halftime!

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Gilbert Arenas and the Orlando Magic got served by LeBron James (51 points!) and the Miami Heat on Thursday night.

Midway through that disappointing game, meanwhile, the controversial point guard got served in a different manner: a process server presented Arenas with child support lawsuit documents as he exited the court at halftime.

Govan is the mother of three kids with Arenas, and she's expecting the couple's fourth.

But she claims the former All-Star - who was suspended last season for bringing guns into his team's locker room and who reportedly spends $5,000/month on pet shark food - abandoned her and his children when he was traded in December.

No word yet on how much Govan is seeking in child support.

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Can't just blame her for getting pregnant, he could use protection or get a vasectomy. It's not all the woman's fault & with these type of women (jersey chasers) they all want to pop out kids for more child support.


Somebody needs to serve her fertile ass with a birth control prescription! All of these illegitimate kids, no job, and no obvious plan to better herself.....really Laura? Thanks for increasing out tax burden, as I'm sure you will need public assistance until your babies-daddy pays up. Some role models these two fools are. Epic fail!