Kyle Richards Regrets "Everything" About Fight with Sister

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It was the second worst thing that ever happened to Kyle Richards, but it's her biggest regret.

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    The only thing Vyle is sorry for is that the public HATES her. Dumbass. what did she think would happen after she hurled across a limo in a homicidal rage to beat the crap out of Kim, who she had gangbang bullied the whole season. Vyle Is a cunt.


    Oh, BS BS BS BS BS Kyle has been getting away with this atrocious behavior her whole life and she finally has to own up to it...Vyle is full of crap. She only regrets that the viewers all loathe her sorry, tacky ass now. My Lord, Kyle is a low life classless piece of garbage!!!!!


    Kyle regrets nothing except the fact that her diabolical plots to destroy and defame Kim and Camille backfired. Now she is hated and scorned as she should be. Kyle is a disgusting pig. And a bitch.


    I wish someone with all of the dirt would write a tell-all book on the Richards family. Kyle is VILE! I hope Kim can get her career started again. She deserves happiness.


    And still she can't apologize. She only has "regrets."
    What part do you regret most Kyle? The scene we have of your fat ass hurling across the limousine to attack your sister?


    The Questionable Yentas of NYC need to step it up if they want another season...The Fabulous Housewives of Beverly Hills absolutely KILLED IT in the ratings department! Read more @imeanwhat


    Kyle, why don't you explain to the public why Kim was forced to become an emancipated minor. Do you think it had to do with Big Kathy using all Kim's money to support her family's lifestyle??? If you were such a big star as Kim, why are her movie credits 4 times longer than yours? And BTW - NO ONE EVEN VAGUELY REMEMBERS YOU BEING A 'STAR' OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER.


    Kim has this quality of being very touching. She wasn't the elephant in the room, she was the "soul" in the room. Despite Kyle's cruel abuse and disloyalty, Kim behaved with grace, simplicity and honesty.

    I thought she stood head and shoulders above Kyle, Taylor and Lisa...who sat there so smug and superior on the bully couch. Shallow, snide, status seeking, money grubbing women.

    Leo, you summed up Kyle perfectly.


    she's sorry now just like Camille is sorry now. After she read the blogs & comments she now is sorry. How convenient.


    Kyle your such a mean bitch. I know all families are different but my sisters mean the world to me and I would never do half the things you do to your sister. F-YOU!!!!and if I was Kim I'd throw in the towel with your abusive behavior and games. What the hell is wrong with you!! What if your daughters treated each other the way you treat your sister...damn lunatic..I'm sure they have therapists in Beverly Hills..crazy.

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