Kate and Jon Gosselin: NOT Getting Back Together

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In a recent interview, Kate Gosselin said she will never say a bad word publicly about her ex Jon, as he will always be the father of her children.

That doesn't mean she'll get back together with him, however.

A deluge of recent celebrity gossip reports have suggested Kate and Jon Gosselin, who have been on much better terms lately, might reconcile.

Not the case, says a source close to Kate.

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"There is absolutely no chance of a reconciliation. They remain civil for the sake of the kids, but that's it," said the insider. "It's frustrating for Kate that people keep making stories up. Things are better but they have both moved on."

Jon has been dating Ellen Ross for the better part of a year and seems quite content living a normal life, working 9-to-5 installing solar panels.

As for Kate, she's single and has no qualms about it.

"Kate wants nothing more than to be seen in a completely different light than Jon is viewed," says the source. "Obviously he is the father of her children and that won't change, but she is feeling very happy about her decisions and situation."


What Jon does is none of anyone's business!! He has had more than enough having to live with that ignorant shrew! All she did was belittle him and treat him like crap. To:Linda: what planet are you from? They make a good couple? Only if Jon wanted to be abused everyday of his life by a domineering witch who always refers to the kids as "my kids"! They are Jon's too, and she has no respect whatsoever for his feelings.So let her live by herself with the kids because no man deserves what Jon had to endure. He is good for more than a "sperm donor" and that is all Kate cared about.


as for all you that are slamming kate, you need to grow up, until you actually know her and whats she like you have no reason to say nasty things! and as for BARBEE who said they are unruly, do you actually know what real young children are like! they are soo well behaved, get a grip.


I dont think they should get back together. Kate was an abusive, ungrateful wife.She is selfish and exploiting her kids.


Until Kate gets some serious therapy, she shouldn't be with anyone.


It's a good thing she has no qualms about being single because being 'unsingle' is not an option for her. What guy in his right mind would want a relationship with an obnoxious, domineering, ignorant shrew? Especially if she has 8 kids, some of which are unruly, most of which are suffering from mom-inflicted self-entitlement.


Oh brother... Jon and Kate are NOT getting back together people. Jon is very happy with his new love, Ellen Ross. She's great with his children, and cares deeply enough about them to know what is wrong with filming them and exploiting them on a Reality TV show, for your own personal benefit. Kate is a sick compulsive liar- check out the internet if you are not informed.


Abuse is not "moments."
Kate abused Jon physically, mentally and emotionally.


I wish they would get back together because they make a good couple and the kids need their parents together.


she has already put him down on several talk shows. She brought up the guys "manhood"...shes full of it!


I really wish Kate would be the bacheroltte. She would have to bring all eight kids along on the group dates!

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