Kate Gosselin Defends Reality Shows, Parenting

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Speaking with CBS' The Talk, Kate Gosselin defended her decisions to expose her children to reality TV and said it's actually helped them more than anything.

Unlike the recent drama between Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, in which the star's dad blames Hannah Montana for ruining his family, Kate says TLC helped hers.

Despite recent behavioral problems and her hugely infamous divorce from Jon, Kate insists she's proud of her kids and that they love being on Kate Plus 8.

She actually comes across well (at least for her) in the interview ...

Without their show, Kate Gosselin believes, her children would have far fewer life experiences and would not become the well-rounded kids they are today.

It's an interesting argument. She also says she's a very hands-on parent, not a diva, and that 90 percent of the celebrity gossip you read about her is BS.

Finally, she adds that she will never bash Jon Gosselin in public and will continue to fight rumors that paint her in unflattering light for her children's sake.


While everyone with an opinion is voicing it, remember, there are EIGHT children who will one day either speak or write about their childhood and no one, including the parents will have any control over the words uttered. Let us all leave those children alone and let them grow into whatever adult they become. They can and will make their own decisions about how they feel they grew up. When we say unkind things about the parents, we in essence say them about the child. If it is really as bad as some say, surely one of the eight will want to cash in on the publicity just as the parent did.


I'ts really interesting that the people with the negative comments really know alot about her life. Hey anon i see you still don't have a life yet. Your a very hateful person, stop using fake name to hate on Kate, i can sense your bad energy from here. Stop the bullying tactics it's not gonna work. Just accept the fact that people still love Kate and her kids and no matter what you say will not change a thing. You are not that special, get over youself and stop being MEAN to everyone.


@HARAS\ANON i was the one sticking up for the kids that were being bullied unlike yourself.


@Mary: time to go back to school and bully the kids in the playground.


First off, her kids are not well adjusted. They were expelled from school for hitting and using foul language!They aren't happy, as I've never seen a picture of them smiling unless posing for a picture. Next, she doesn't have to pay for college. When the kids were born, they were declaired "Hershey Kisses" (born at Hershey Medical Center) and the governer appointed them this. They get college for free in the state of PA!!!


I have read everyones comments and I have to say your
all very passionate about this subject. Can't say I blame you though. You have a single working mother that has a job to do and a single working father that has a job to do. And what I see is that I'm sure they are doing what's best for their children. Noone can deny that. So for everyones sake just let's them find their way without anyones imput on how they should live their lives. In other words leave them alone
& mind your own business & get on with your own miserable pathetic lives.


Dear dessertgirl. What are you smoking? Duggars really?I really feel bad for that whole dysfunction family, to have soo many kids that you practically have kids raising kids. You don't actually think that their parents are doing their job as parents. They would get their eldest child to look after the young ones while they breed more. It's disgusting. Time for birth control mr & mrs duggar. Your very thoughtless to only think of yourselves. Get them off the air. Something very strange about that whole family, no one is ever that happy.




Kate gosselin might not be a perfect mother but I'm sure she has her kids best interest at heart. Much love and support for her and her family. Hope she also finds a new love interest soon because no one wants to be lonely.


I love Kate And her family and it really bothers me to c so many people disliking her. Fair enough you have the right to state what your feeling but when so many wrong facts are being stated makes me want to comment. 1st; she does not pay for her and her families traveling the show does. 2nd; she has stated that she has put money away for her kids college education and more. If you watched the show you would have known that. I think Mary called it right when she said "haters". So many people are hating on her for what? Do u guys feel better about yourselves? I'm grossed out by ur behaviour. I will pray for u.

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