Kacey Jordan to Charlie Sheen: I'm Pregnant!

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Charlie Sheen just got the dreaded text message from Kacey Jordan.

One of his most notorious playthings says she is pregnant - hey, he always wanted a "porn family" - but luckily for Charlie, she does NOT think it's his.

Not that he's going to be on the hook either way. She's "taking care of it" ASAP.

The awkward text message Kacey sent him yesterday afternoon appears here:


After dropping the p-bomb, Kacey continued, "I don't believe it's yours, but I'm going to Oregon to take care of the situation." We're sure he feels relieved.

As for why Kacey Jordan thinks Charlie is in the clear? He used protection, BUT Kacey says both of them were so out of it she's not positive it did the trick.

These things happen during 72-hour cocaine benders. Don't you hate that?

According to sources, Kacey, who already aborted K-Fed's baby in the past, plans to terminate the pregnancy soon, and never heard back from Charlie.

Probably for the best. These two really don't need to be procreating.

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she got fucked by a horse, save the mutant.


Charlie's sunglasses make his eyes look bruised.


i think she is the biggest cheap whore in the world. hey kacey, hollywood hotties are going to fuck your ass until you are old then dump you into the pit where i think you deserve to be.you are a disgrace to all female and your mother should have aborted you if she had known you will turn out to be an ass fucked slut


wow. abortions without regret. sad.


she is a pig
but he does deserve what happens to him hanging out with that trash


They're both lowlifes in my opinion. He's as big a whore as she is.


Why in the world would she even send a text message to Charlie??? Why wouldn't she just slink into Oregon, use an alias, have her procedure, and go home??? Why must everything be a media circus??? Thanks for letting me vent about this pointless post.


DON'T MURDER THE BABY IT'S NOT ITS FAULT! Sheen is such a loser, why is he even newsworthy?


@ J
My heart go out to you in dealing with such an emotional turn of events. I praise your bravery for sharing such a personal story with us, even though I can easily believe that it brought up a lot of stored up memories for you. In your own way, I hope that your heart will continue to heal from such a heavy burden. There is no time limit on grieving and hopefully expressing your feelings today will help you continue to heal. With prayers of Serenity and Inner Peace, all the best to you and your family!!