Kacey Jordan and Kevin Federline: The Abortion Connection

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Kacey Jordan has standards.

The 22-year old might be one of several hundred porn stars that have partied with Charlie Sheen, but she draws the line at having a baby with Britney Spears' trashy sex.


If ever there were spokespeople for the Pro Choice movement...

According to Radar Online, Jordan often got wasted with Kevin Federline three years ago. They would "hang out at his Tarzana house" and one thing would lead to another which, allegedly, then led to another: a fetus that Kacey aborted.

“Right after the abortion, her partying got so out of control that she left the porn business for a while and straightened up,” a source claims.

This same insider says Kacey has been hospitalized in the past for a "drug and heart" problem. The former centered around crack and cocaine.

Federline's rep said "no comment" when asked about this story, which might be the most shocking development of all: Kevin Federline still has a rep?!?


FLReader - you think a father who has an incestuous relationship with his daughter or niece is doing so at the behest of the girl?! When Monkey posted about aborting the product of incest Monkey wasn't inferring that the girl who gets pregnant wanted to have sex with her relative! Where do you live and how many girls do YOU know that WANT to have sex with their dads?! That's sick and even sicker that your brain automatically assumed that incest is something the girl wants to do with her father! If a pedophile father impregnates his daughter you bet your a$$ she has the right to abort. You have NO idea the mental trauma that would cause a girl if she had to go through a pregnancy that was caused by her father committing an act of incest. Never mind the fact that products of incest usually have health problems cause dads ain't supposed to do it with their daughters!!!! SICK!!!


Also, to those responding to Sara. Yes, her words may be a little harsh. But see it this way. The moment I found out I was pregnant my thoughts were, "I'm having a baby!" What is the difference between killing a toddler and killing a child growing inside you? Both are MY babies. You can say, "Its so small you cant consider it a child." Exactly, the baby is so small a REAL woman would protect it. Abortion is a legal way to kill a child. Murder is murder.


Monkey, you said that rape and incest are two examples to reasons why abortions should be an option. Rape, yes, I agree. But incest? If a female at the age to understand what sex is, and chooses to act on it, why should we take care of the "problem"? It wasnt the childs fault her father is also her granfather. I say rape is the ONLY excuse for having an abortion. And come on, at what point do we as human beings say that after so many abortions we need prevent this woman from having children ever again?


this piece of garbage talked about having 3 abortions like it was nothing. what a waste of space.


Sara, I agree with you about KK and MC, but I can't say the same about your comment on abortion. I do not agree that abortion is your birth control, but you need to think about the special cases like incest and rape. Would you want to keep a child if you were raped? I don't think so and neither would I. But if abortion was illegal, than we would be forced to have the child or get a back door abortion like in the 30s and 40s. NO THANKS!! Have you seen "If These Walls Could talk"? That would sure as hell enlighten you. I realize you are young and still have a lot of growing up to do.


Shut up sara! Abortion is fine within the first trimester, but any later than that I must disagree because of risks to the mother's health, but if she is willing to take the risk, she has the freedom to do so. I'm guessing you are a conservative white female with kids? This is America, your idea of murdering an adult as punishment for ending a pregnancy is ludacris!!!
Abortion is incredibly personal, posting this story was in poor taste.


i think people needs to be kill if they have an abortion


Unless she confirmed this story I don't think it should be out there. Whatever people's personal views are on abortion it is a highly personal issue and to put it out there as mere gossip is wrong. Sure she does porn and parties with Charlie Sheen but does that the world has a right to her most personal information? Medical information? We have to draw the line somewhere people.

Wv peach

Is this a recent pic of Kevin? Last time I saw him on tv, he looked like Grimace from McDonald's. Either way, this is just a gross story.


I knew I recognized this chick from somewhere, and sure enough, I remembered seeing her in a porno. She is totally flat in this pic, though, and I think she probably got a boob job b/c I would have remembered seeing itty-bitty-bizziti's because everyone is siliconed from head to toe in pornoland. But damn, she's SO FLAT the walls are jealous!!!

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