Kacey Jordan May Have Aborted Charlie Sheen's Baby

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Charlie Sheen is rather casual about his life of cocaine, porn stars and partying. In fact, it's difficult not to find such a cavalier attitude humorous.

But the relaxed view on unprotected sex and abortion taken by Kacey Jordan - the adult film actress who texted Sheen a couple weeks ago, claiming to be pregnant - is less of a laughing matter.

In an interview with Radar Online, Jordan says she went through with an abortion last Thursday (her fourth such procedure) and the child may have belonged to Sheen.

Kacey Jordan on unsafe sex with Charlie Sheen: "I was just impressed he was able to finish."

"I went home to Oregon to have it because that is where I grew up. I was sick and on the couch all day," said Jordan. "I think it might have been too soon to be Charlie's baby, but you never know. I get pregnant very easily."

There are steps one can take to avoid that state, of course. Did Kacey and Sheen use a condom?

"Charlie and I tried to use protection... I kept having to put it on again. I don't want people to think I just had sex with him and didn't try to use one," she said, unaware that one doesn't receive an A for effort when it comes to intercourse.

Jordan adds that she had sex with a different celebrity a week prior to Sheen, but "I can't talk about him because I had to sign a release." The baby may have been his.


To Sandi: I agree and I'm sorry for your lost and pain.
I knew a girl(literally) and she had 4 abortions with one guys and was still amasingly could have a 5 and gave that child up for adoption. Probably still whoring around. It's no wonder my parents didn't like that douche bag!!
Abortion is not a birth control!!


Nice one Leo, I agree!!
Go away already! Join the other whores like Michelle "not so bomshell" Mcgee, Rachel U. seems like your company!!


The whole thing is a joke


Why do we give trash like the our time and the publicity the are looking for? (Just like Lisney Lohan)This behavior gives her the title "STAR"???My dog deserves that title more for being a truly loving and kind animal.She is an animal of a different kind if you know what I mean.


Perhaps she didn't "sign" Charlie's "release". I didn't even know that was possible!


4 abortions? First off, thats expensive. Also, why is she even telling people, it should be kept private. I guess if I had to pick, I would rather see a woman this irresponsible have abortions instead of being a mother.


This nasty b****. Wear a rubber s***. I wonder how many people she gave an S.T.D too??? Makes me sick!!!


WTF !!! This baby had a life already you know even though it was inside her he was still another living being!!!!at least the baby and the other three are gonna be better off without Kacey as their mother bcz who would want to have HER as a mother I would rather have Kim Kardashian as their mother than her!!!!!I mean it!!!!


Im sorry to hear that Sandi. But you weren't to know, im sure you were only doing what you thought was best at the time. Kacey jordan only revealed she was pregnant 2 weeks after the charlie sheen incident so i doubt it was his.


Just go read her Twitter, the day after she was talking about getting a nose job, 40gs in dental work and shopping and tanning. She is disgusting. @misskaceyjordan

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