Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Clash Over Daughter's Tears, Race

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The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry is growing uglier each day.

Throughout this week, sources have claimed that the model often berated the actress in despicable terms; while Berry replied by treating her child's father like a sperm bank.

At the center of this feud, of course, is two-year old Nahla. It was her reaction to spending time with Aubry in December that reportedly raised concerns for Berry.

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"She was crying and kicking and screaming. She was hanging onto her mother's legs so she didn't have to go," a insider tells People of a an incident around Christmas when her dad arrived to pick Nahla up.

Gabriel allegedly responded by "forcing" his daughter into his car. Ever since, terms of the parents' relationship have gone from amicable to extremely sour.

Meanwhile, TMZ quotes a source who says Aubry grew incensed any time Nahla was
referred to as "black."

Whenever the Canadian model would read such a reference, he supposedly demanded Berry contact the publication and ask for a "retraction."

There's been little said by Berry and Aubry themselves through this ordeal, making it difficult to know what/who to believe. The best we can do is hope that everyone remembers what's at stake here: the well-being of a little girl.


halle should stick with black men. she is used to drama and she will have it with other bruthas. white folk don't play that. she is saying her kid is black, when the kid is 75% white. i see why the father gets angry when the kid is referred to as black, which must make him feel less than equal as a parent. halle has bad track record with men. white men should stay clear of her drama because at her age, this beyotch is not going to change.


@ Riflewoman - how do you know that Aubrey made such comments about Nahla? Believe you me that there is no such thing as an amicable breakup. Couples accuse each other of the most terrible things which they never did when they were together and do regret it. Good luck to Aubrey that he is claiming child support from Halle because if the shoe was on the other foot, she would do the same. How do you know whether he has money or not and FYI he does work. Good luck to Aubrey.


@ Kasey - What a shitty mouth you have and from your comments I can see that you are uneducated. In fact I did not know who to compare Halle to but it is you. Not a compliment at all.


@kasey you do realize you told WV Peach that they were suppose to be talking about Halle Berry and yet in tht "lil" paragraph you wrote the only thing you mentioned about Halle Berry was that we were suppose to be commenting on her. Nothing about the article. @WV Peach I agree nobody should ever be called a mixed breed. That makes us sound like we're dogs. Also I absolutly love your comment "Awww bless your ignorant little heart" it made me kinda laugh =). @karaleigh- OMG I FRICKEN LOVED THAT! That just made my day. Seriously. I love the link. Kasey you should try it. It might help you greatly


@kasey Just a small nugget FYI: You sound completely ignorant; perhaps you might try working on your vocabulary skills before attempting to insult total strangers. Here's a helpful site to get you started: http://www.vocabulary.co.il/so... After some long and arduous work on your part, I bet the disparaging comments will start flying with a renewed intelligence and biting wit! Good Luck!


At best it is always an insider, acqaintance, or somebody else who is reporting on what was said about whom. That there is a custody battle is for sure, that we know exactly what is being said by either party, is not so sure. He denies certain things that he is being accused of, as does she.
We should simply allow them the space to get this mess sorted out.


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It never cease to amaze me that everyone knows enough to comment about other peoples business. Grown People at that. As Jesus said first take the rafter from you own eyes before you can see clearly to take the rafter from someone else eyes. Do not go by everything you read. How do we know Halle has issues. If she does she is just like most women who has man problem because relationship is not easy.

Wv peach

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