Sources: Halle Berry Raged Over Kim Kardashian, Sent Scathing Messages to Gabriel Aubry

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Might a tabloid have gotten it right for once?

Late last year, reports surfaced that said Halle Berry had a major problem with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry dating Kim Kardashian, especially considering how the two weren't shy about appearing in public together.

Now - as Berry and Aubry exchange insults and prepare to battle for custody of daughter Nahla - a source tells People that Gabriel's fling with Kardashian really was an issue for the Oscar winner.

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Hot and Angry?

"Halle was upset at the idea of someone like that being in her daughter's life," the insider said of Kardashian. "She was very aggravated... She just didn't want Nahla exposed to the cameras that are undoubtedly around a reality star."

How did Berry express her anger?

According to a Radar Online source, she sent Gabriel numerous emails since their split, one of which allegedly read: "You were only good for one thing... Thanks for the donation."


Of course, that's nothing compared to what Aubry is accused of saying to Berry. The entire feud grows more depressing by the day, especially when one considers there's a toddler stuck in the middle of it.


i totally agree with leo 100% i just stated on a different website earlier how halle had the nerve to talk about kim being a porn star and then just two months ago i saw the movie monster ball for the first time....i said she is having sex on tv too and when her daughter grows up she will see this movie adventually of her mom screwing a white man. she cant put no other woman down period about nuthin.


Team Halle all the way!!! Because there's no way in hell I would want Kim the porn star Kardashian around and/or helping raise my child. Halle is an artist, Kim is a whore. BIG DIFFERENCE.


to myfriend,don't insult Kim that much.whether she has fake of everything it's entirely her business. actually i don't see why people waffle over her.she is just a lousy lay even in her porn video she just slept like a log not moving anything.seriously stop talking about Kim, she ain't worth a dime


Wht halle needs is GOD.Nthin much so u guys hv to stp actin lyk u all some perpect beings. Peace


Kim has artifically enhanced her entire body. Hair weave, fake eyelashes, butt and breast implants, pound of makeup, fake fingernails, nose surgery. All to attract male attntion. She makes sex tapes, she poses nude. Her clothes barely cover her body. She's such a hotchie that most guys are embarrassed to be seen with her. If she wore a sign that said I think I'm only good for one thing, it wouldn't be any plainer than it is. She knows nothing about being a woman. I wouldn't want my child around her either. She's got the mentality of Anna Nicole Smith. But Smith was born with her face and body.


u r a crazy person to compare halle playing a character in a movie to porn star kim k.. thats just crazy...and no i dont believe all the bull that she claim against gabriel


I'm Black and I don't believe a SINGLE word of these race claims against Aubrey. NOT one!! This is just a scorned, narsasistic woman who can't deal with the fact that this man doesn't want her anymore. She claims she flipped because Nahla 'suddenly' didn't want to visit Gabriel in Dec. Wench, PLEASE!! HE'S been the child's primary caretaker while you've cavorting all over the place with every [White] man you can find. Now because dude doesn't want you pulling strings in his life, you're trying to ruin him. Sadly, many of us women have seen MANY Halle Berry's; she's using the same playbook as many other desperate woman who don't know how to let go with dignity. Hope Gabriel gets FULL custody of their child. Give this young girl some stability before she grows up and turns out like her mother.


Hell hath no fury like a scorner, OLDER woman. Every man Halle's dated has been smeared by her after the break up. She's just a vindictive woman because Aubrey didn't want her anymore and on top of it, went with younger women. Halle of all people to try to play the race card is despicable. She's pathetic and needs some serious psycho, er, psychiatric help.


@ team dont even know if those so called "racial slurs" are even true. its a proven fact shes talks bad about all her exes after some sort of break up. If anyone takes a look she sounds pretty redundant at the end of ALL OF HER relationships. shes always the "victim". seems like she just uses the media to make mr aubry look like a douche but she seems to be one hindering her own name.


@Team Me: I will acknowledge and thank you for reading my comment, but I have no desire to disrespect your opinion or trade name calling insults with you. PEACE!!

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