Matthew Rutler: A Risky Rebound for Christina Aguilera?

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Christina Aguilera has rebounded quickly from her recent divorce.

The singer has been spotted out with Matthew Rutler, a production assistant and a guitarist in the Nate Mott Band. The two met on the set of Burlesque in February and quickly bonded - much to the chagrin of friends.

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“Christina is completely taken with Matthew," a source tells Star. "But he’s a wild rocker type with a reputation as a ladies’ man."

An insider says Rutler is in "heaven" because he's dating a celebrity.

“He networks like crazy with all the big names she introduces him to. He’s a major operator. And everything is on her dime, because he’s broke. Matt used to live in a crummy apartment with roommates; now he’s at her Beverly Hills mansion every night."

While pals worry that this relationship is "too much, too soon" for Christina, she isn't letting any personal issues affect her work. Check out a series of recent performance by Aguilera in her THG video section.


@Jen: Christina Aguilera is a strong, inspiring woman who is comfortable with herself and not afraid to express her opinion. People have been so nasty toward her ever since the divorce and I really don't get that.


I feel sorry for this guy and any future guy (including her ex) who has to put up with her. She comes across as very selfish and frankly kind of mean.


Maybe Kate didn't get the memo...


Oh for sure he's ONLY a rebound guy. She was a fucking moron to divorce Jordan but in retrospect she probably shouldn't have married in the first place. Now their is another child out their from a divorced family.


A production assistant mooching off Christina? She should take a leaf out of Michelle Pfeiffer's character in Scarface: "You don't fuck the help."
Celebrity rule number 19:
Celebrities, as a rule of thumb, should only fuck someone of equal or slightly higher fame. Once you trade down, you...well, look at what happened to Britney.


She's so crazy for leaving jordan it seemed like he really loved her for her she won't find that again in hollywood


I don't think this was quick considering she started while she was still married!!


has ur former husband leaved ur mansion, while there is now another guy leave in ur mansion


eh, hes a rebound. im sure she will be done with him when shes ready.

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