Chris Brown Restraining Order: Lifted!

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Two years after making contact with her so severely that she lost consciousness and he nearly landed in jail, Chris Brown is free to contact Rihanna again.

A judge just lifted the restraining order prohibiting Brown from going near Rihanna, so long as he does not harass, annoy, or molest his former girlfriend.

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Brown appeared in court in L.A., where a judge replaced Rihanna's restraining order with a less-severe Level One order, stipulating the terms above.

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Rihanna was not in court, but her attorney Donald Etra was, telling the judge that his client has no objection to the new order and new arrangement.

It's unclear if the two actually plan on having contact, or if this was just a formality - Brown's complied with probation, so the order should be lifted.

If nothing else, award shows could be a little less awkward now.


that is all bull shit, no one have the right to hurt no one like that. he is a dog and need to put down.


jimbobby489 wtf? She prob deserved it?! He could get away w pouring his drink on her to help cool her off or hold her down if HE was getting hit. W a name like jimbobby sounds like u r from a small town. Please come to the city w that talk & see what happens.


Let's be honest, there's two sides to every Story.... I love her but I know, being a woman, We can be annoying and mouthy, she probably deserved It!! Why should a woman be able to hit a man And not the other way round?? Equality all the way!!


I hope Chris stays away from her because she's wicked and evil. Chris has been given a second chance and he really don't need more drama in his life because it's really not worth it.


i believe that the restraining order was lifted for business preferences. Chris and Rihanna will be appearing in award ceremonies and maybe performing at the same site at ceremonies and a restraining orders would get in the way of them doing their job as entertainers. People have to understand and realize that when you break the law, you lose your rights and sometimes a good job. I believe Chris have learned his lesson and will not try to persuit a relationship with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Rihanna which i believe have moved on and glad to be over chris brown.


Well its good that the order has been lifted but like evryone else i just hope he stays away from her!!


yea he need to beat her up lol???


I pray he dont mess with her again he need 2 treat her like a disease n stay far far away lol... ya digg!!!


You live and you learn. There's always two sides to the story.


I think it is good news that the restraing order was lifted. Now, whether they get back together or not is their decision and nobody's else.

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