Rihanna Wants Contact With Chris Brown

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Rihanna is cool with Chris Brown being in contact with her again.

Let's be clear in that it's unclear just how much contact they plan on having. But her lawyer says she would like the restraining order against Brown lifted, which would enable him to get close to her again without risking getting thrown in jail.

Whatever the motivation, she's come a long way since 2009.

Thugz Gotta Move On

Brown requested the court drop the restraining order recently.

Rihanna's attorney Donald Etra says she "does not object" to reducing it to a "do not annoy" order, allowing contact as long as Chris doesn't harass/molest her.

Chris initially asked for the reduction, but the court needed to know how Rihanna felt before ruling. The order has not been changed yet, but it could be soon.

Again, this could be as simple as her doing him a favor. The No Contact Order being in place puts him at risk of prosecution. But you have to wonder.

Might they rekindle the romance, or at least friendship, in the future?


im,glad that ri ri and chris are friends again that is good and their talking to each other on twitter so i wonder what will go from there ? Well i wish rihanna and chris brown all the best in their friendship .


I jus hope they get bak together coz of da shiit da happned wid rihana hes inna way hated :/ and i jus hope dey sort ih and get bak together :D


wel wel, it wil be a nice thin 2 C Chris nd Rihana back again. we all hav diffrencess in our relationships so why chris casd diffrent?


wel wel, it will be a nice thin 2 c chris nd rihana get back again.we all have diffrencess in a relationship so y chris case diffrent?


well well well look wat we got here well yall should alredy no dat dae was gne go back to gether anty ways it aint no if ands or buts about it hey her b-day comin up she wants him bck !!!!(omg wat good memories!!)


If I was Rihanna I would drop the restraining order but I wouldnt trust him enough to go see him with out someone to go with me just in case anything goes down.


i absolutely support chris brown's every move...i jus hope he's cautious and really think twice about wat he's doing...but on the other hand good luck 2 him and riahnna....i hope they make it work....he's learned from a terrible mistake...so they should be able 2 work something out....and hopefully good things will come ot of the relationship!!!!


Yawp. Getting together. Love is blind. Duh.


rank shut the f**k up......live your life let them live their own lives


I think they going to get back together...I hope so love Rihanna and Chris Brown...

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