Charlie Sheen Declares: I'm Grandiose, Not Gonna Die!

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In his latest rant - this time to TMZ, from his own backyard - Charlie Sheen insinuated that long-time publicist Stan Rosenfield lied in October when he claimed that Sheen's Plaza Hotel breakdown was due to an allergic reaction.

As a result of this statement, Rosenfield issued the following statement this afternoon: "I’m unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned."

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Sheen's response to this decision? "Pussy. He's not allowed to quit, so you’re fired."

Yes, it's just another few hours in the life of Charlie Sheen. Shortly after he went off to NBC and ABC regarding his status as a role model for his children, the star spoke with TMZ and said he was disappointed in how those interviews were portrayed.

"I had an expectation, and the result was not something I thought it would be. And that's on me. Whatever, life goes on."

Among other topics Sheen touched on: his father, his kids and Heath Ledger...

On his 10-month old kids: "Everybody here is parenting the kids. They're running into walls, but they're screaming 'Da-Da' when they do it."

On his father's recent defense: "I respectfully allow him to maintain those beliefs and those opinions. I don't support them ... He doesn't live inside my brain. I'm the only one who does ... No disrespect, but I'm 45 years old. At some point, respect and embrace that. I have five kids."

Is he crazy? "I'm grandiose."

Does he fear suffering a similar fate to Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger? "It's not a one-size fits all. That's what people don't seem to get. That's all I'm going to say about it. Don't do drugs that are just supposed to be administered in a hospital at home. Read the frickin' labels."


Charlie Sheen is the only white man in America that gets paid millions of dollars for acting like scum.


julielynn, you hit it dead on. And Charlie Sheen has been an embarrassment to his family, ex-wives, and his poor children. He won't live long enough to see his children grow up is he stays on his path of total self-destruction. He is a self-centered, egotistical asshole who does not deserve the kind of money he is being paid for his sitcom. Charlie is all about Charlie. He cares for no-one. When he finally od's, he will be forgotten and will be just a piece of dust in the wind.....


Sad,sad,sad! Those poor twin boys need to be taken away from both he and his partying,druggie,drunk ex wife! At least Denise Richards has sense not to let those little girls stay over with the porn stars!!!!! Sadly Charlie Sheen will be dead in less than a year unless he gets some serious help! What a waste of talent!


I really kinda laughed hard where he says "'Pussy. He's not allowed to quit, so you're fired." charlie do you not realize it would benifit you more if he quit? That way you dont have to pay him.


@julielynne - Preach it! I completely agree; now he wants 3mil an episode? Do you know what that works out to? 168 hours in a week, divide that by 3million, thats comes out to about 17,800 AN HOUR. How is that even justified? But you can we ever know the true story? His breakdown isn't as transparent as Britneys. He seems to have this vendetta against the network


One word for Charlie - LITHIUM, dude !!!


What did Michael Jackson try to say?
Charlie Sheen questions Obama about 9/11
despite AIPAC controlled media censorship.
Mel Gibson does not play dumb about 9/11 either.

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