Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked, With Escort Locked in Hotel Room Closet

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Brooke Mueller might need to rethink how "great" things are with Charlie Sheen.

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    oh me oh my - charlie is all messed up - pity


    Send him to jail? Listen to yourself you prick. This is an incredibly smart man that needs medical/mental attention. It is what is. To out him in jail would be absolutley outrageous! Do you have any idea how common this is? No, you don't. Just because someones a little different doesn't mean you can't help him. He's obviously is bipolar going through the high phase right now. It's not his fault, he can't control it. So why punish him? I myself am bipolar and have been through the exact same thing. With medication I am able to control it. With medication this disorder is a blessing. Just look at me. I work for the government designing and cracking algorism codes. Think you could do that?


    Yo all niggas need to chill out he is the coolest nigga out there and a way better actor then anyone u know so get out of here with that put in in jail stuff yall just goody too shoes smoke some weed and do some drugs get a like


    Live charlie Sheen and his family alone, you bastards!


    I can't believe people make such a big deal about this guy. He bangs hookers, drinks a lot, and does drugs. Who cares? The guy has the cash to live the lives the vast majority of us wish we could have. Yeah it isn't admirable or anything but hell live and let live, you know?
    Also why would they fire him from Two and a Half Men, with these exploits he's basically just reinforcing the character he plays.


    This is Charlie's brain...these are drugs..this is Charlie's brain on drugs...


    Charlie Sheen is an overpaid, spoiled rotten, selfish person and an abject failure as a human being. Please don't emulate this guy's example of how not to act. He is in a class all by himself -- no class!


    What the heck was Denise doing bringing her daughters on a vacation with him???

    I can't even imagine the hell Charlie has put those little girls through due to his selfishness, and Denise aids and abets him by going on vacation with him and taking the children along.

    What's wrong with her anyway? She knows what a selfish drunkard he is.

    Praying for the children.

    God bless.



    Charlie Sheen is a "hot mess." There's nothing funny or entertaining about a drunk, particularly one that does'nt care if his love ones are next door to hear his drunken rants. Charlie should have been fired from Two & a Half Men years ago and the network should be ashame to allow this man to continue to appear on television. Charlie really needs help and I'm sick of him and other star idiots who always receive lax sentencings when they commit a crime. America's justice system is so screw-up and unfair.


    Would someone pleaseeeeeeeee lock this man up and throw the key away!!!!!!!!!! He is such a puke!

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