Charlie Sheen: I'm a Role Model!

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Television viewers awoke to two things this morning:

  1. The absolute trashing of James Franco as Oscars host.
  2. The appearance of Charlie Sheen on a pair of networks, blasting CBS, smoking and ducked questions about his drug connections.

First, Sheen gave an interview to The Today Show. In light of his status as a father of five, Sheen was asked whether he was ashamed of his behavior.

"God, no," the actor replied. "Talk about an education!"

Should fans worry about Sheen's health? No. He possesses "tiger blood" and "Adonis blood" and: "I've always had a plan and executed it perfectly. Sometimes I overshoot the mark, whatever."

What about his rants against Chuck Lorre?

"My passion is misinterpreted as anger... I don't think people are ready for the message I'm delivering and delivering with a sense of violent love... If people think I'm insane or if they don't think what I'm saying is true, I have no interest in their retarded opinions. I'm going to live my life the way I want and I'm going to win every moment!"

Meanwhile, Good Morning America also aired snippets of the Sheen interview that will air in its entirety tomorrow night on 20/20.

Confirmed as joking around with Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly between takes, Sheen hilariously smoked throughout and claimed he wasn't a violent man... unless someone threatens his family. Are there drugs in his house? Has he severed ties with all his drug connections?

Sheen pretty much ducked these inquiries, even coming out and admitting: I think you know the answer to that question...


@miranda: holy shit and I thought i was bitch... You took being a bitch to a whole new level. So what if jerry is a charlie supporter. (not saying he is or isnt). Charlie does have some supporters and they have their reasons for believing in him. Thats no reason to treat someone like that. They have their own opinion and thats no reason to talk to some one like they're shit


Charlie Sheen rules.
He's a terrific actor and he's awesome.That is all that matters.You can't just judge people.Let them live their lives their own way.
TheHollywoodGossip sucks.


He's a joke.


You had better watch what you say about people you know nothing about! Jerry happens to be my husband, a former police officer and a Disabled Vietnam Veteran who was awarded a Purple Heart! So far the only loser on this board is you!


What the hell is wrong with you? You come on here & accuse a fellow poster of being a stupid drug-addicted prostitute!? and then you add to those crazy lies a wish that he'd die?!!!! & you think HE'S the one with a stick in his ass? You need to calm yourself!


@Jerry, let me guess! You are a Charlie supporter. You probably have the same lack of values as Charlie. Drug addict I assume? Male whore I assume? So what, he was drug tested on air? 3 days of being clean can make a test negative... wow! Charlie who has openly admitted to doing more coke then humanly possible hasn't done it for a few days for a publicity stunt of on air testing. Wow! Your not the smartest guy are you.... The guy is a loser, trashing people left and right on air, ruining the lives of his kids and embarrassing himself and his family. It's like watching a circus, a very bad circus show. Pull the stick out of your ass and get a clue dude! Obviously you like this "trash" column.... lmao!!! Go support Team Charlie, you both can OD on Coke!

Wv peach

Man, did u see how much Charlie was twitching? He acts like he's on heroin to me.... He's got that junkie-dance going on. I can't believe he thinks he's a role model...uh no Charlie, you're a dope fiend who is about to lose your family, career, and possibly life. A role model......ooooh Jesus take the wheel!


Charlie Sheen will be another dead celebrity, death by OD. He is an arrogant idiot. I feel for his 5 kids. He is not a role model, he is not anyone but a drugged out celebrity. Very sad because he is talented and he is ruining everything for himself, his career and most importantly his kids are totally effected by his hideous behavior. He needs to stop before he OD's.....


@Elspeth: Just so I understand, you're giving props to Charlie Sheen because he did not identity the name of his drug dealer? First off, that wasn't the question. He was simply asked if he had contact with drug dealers. Secondly, you might wanna raise your expectations for people. Will you next give props to a serial killer for not revealing where he buried the bodies? As for Sheen smoking not being my business, allow me a pair of retorts: 1. he gave a nationally-televised interview. Pretty sure it's all everyone's business. 2. I'm a celebrity gossip blogger. I am paid to give my opinion on celebrities.


Hes disgusting, loser.....


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