Celebs Slam Charlie Sheen on Twitter

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Despite his recent spewing of irrational insults and egocentric ranting, Charlie Sheen may still have many fans out there. But not many of them reside in Hollywood.

Following the sitcom star's most recent meltdown, a slew of stars have taken to Twitter to voice their opinion on them. Among their views:

Sarah Silverman: "If I hung out w 20 year old porn stars all the time time I'd think I was a genius too."

Zooey Deschanel: "MYSTERY SOLVED: now we know who the "half a man" is in "two and a half men."...HINT: it's not the kid!!!!"

Giuliana Rancic: "How crazy is that Charlie Sheen rant? Have u noticed he loves saying 'winning?'"

Denis Leary: "Is it just me or is Charlie Sheen starting to sound a lot like Moammar Kaddafi?"

Sheen does have one celebrity on his side, though. Asks CNN host Piers Morgan: "Is it just me that thinks Charlie Sheen be allowed to behave how the hell he likes in his own time?

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MrBob, believe me....Sheen wasn't well on set. Yeah...he may have been on time...but let's just say he wasn't all there.


Piers is an idiot...because when you have children you are NEVER on your own time. And he had a wife he hurt...not that she isn't an opportunist...but not like the women in his home now. In addition, when Sheen can barely stand up and is asking the director to allow him to lean instead of stand, on the set of Men, he is being counter-productive and it isn't his time...it is every member of the crew, production and cast. So Piers...you need to think before you speak.


If you stand back and look at the picture rather than the comments it makes for a better story. He shows up for his job, he is not a problem on the set. No reports of liquor or drugs on the set. He is getting under paid for a hit series and us using the tainted press reports to get his message out. What a guy does on his own time is only a problem if it interferes with his work. The money that flies around in that industry is vulgar to most people. Look at base ball, foot ball, etc salaries. I can remember a comedian getting 30 million an episode. I think CBS made a big mistake on this one. That is unless we have not heard the whole story, which is generally the case. I think they tried to get a better handle on Mr. Sheen and it likely will blow up in their face. Let's face it, Two and 1/2 is hot and they are getting the Lyons share of the profits.


He is a fantastic actor. What he does in his personal life is his business!!!


i am so fed up of this really ya the guy has a problem and said he did ,and what was honest to fellow stars OMG is that really so horribly human off him ,so he is a star that is what HONEST lol .wow thats a shame to see really ,,hey keep there little paris ,and lindsay all put away safe and sound ,,until they go to far right,,f*** that ,,wow he dated a porn star ,,how many men would not,he smoked a joint ,woopy,ok then it gets intence and REAL,how many stars test positive yet deny it ,ill give Charlie my condolences,only because people expext him to be what ,not human right, Hey charlie ,hope u get better keep it real


He's human. Yes, he's done things a lot wouldn't find acceptable. Yes, he's said things that also aren't acceptable BUT he's also had his words twisted and taken the way certain people wanted it to be so that they could use it as an excuse for whatever reason. He's still a human being and he needs to get himself straightened out...just like the rest of us. Screw the media for being a part of demonizing him further by making these accusations seem like the truth when they aren't.


I don't know Mr Sheen personaly all I know is what I see or read about. But think about it all you see or read about is bad. Look at the history of the abuse all the alleged things that he's been accused of. Come on there's truth there isn't there? Yes I believe so and im not the only one that thinks so. The man has a problem and he needs to take care of it.
I personal think he an excellent actor I've liked everything he's on well except forthe pilot thing oh that spoof of top gun man its so bad I can't remember the name lol.


Do all americans read between the lines!, if not then the aussie media is fabricating fiction reports. when was charlie sacked? (last 4 episodes cancelled),anti-semitisim? why would the producer change his hebrew 1st name to chuck, i would not give that name to a dog, in oz/chuck means(to vomit). does charlies intention of a book get hollywood nervous, drugs/prostitutes/contract money laundering. grovelling wannabee celebrities attacking him, 5 minutes of fame. at least sean penn is showing a bit of back-bone by sticking by his mate. a documented fact is that in every u.s city, it is extremely unusual for a used banknote to not have traces of cocaine.(f.b.i). money speaks all languages,how many billions has 2andahalf-men generated in 8 years. quite simple to work out , if only morons would do a little research(TOO EASY),hang in there charlie,don"t back down and i wish you serenity, in your battle with substance abuse. god bless.


@D Lynn: While I am not at all discounting your point because it is true and that kind of behavior is never acceptable the problem is that he was hired for this show long after those incidents. He was cast by producers who knew full well his past as well as present problems. None of this was new to them nor did he try to hide it. He clearly has gone well over the line as of late but since he was hired despite his past it can't really be said he should be fired for it. Perhaps he should not have been hired to begin with if that was the case. There may be enough to fire him for based on recent events, and maybe it was the right choice. I don't know. Seems as if they didn't much care what he had done to other people (or himself with drugs) they fired him after he verbally attacked them personally. perhaps they should have thought twice 8 years ago before giving him the job. A little late to think about it now.


how ironic; cbs advertising a 1 hour special/tuesday. enough time to whip the rednecks and airheads into a frenzy. corporations will be bidding for advertisement space(obama might give trillions to them as a stimulas package)4 episodes left-pull the pin and restart the fire, superb publicity stunt. meanwhile hillary is considering sanctions against libya, while the protesters are begging for help, from the west. would monica"s best friend hesitate if tel aviv was in turmoil? great chance for a descending superpower to reach out and help. china must be laughing= all the way to the bank,counting the vast amounts of u.s government bonds purchased. anyone except a complete airhead could imagine the consequences,when china dumps them on the world market. but let"s concentrate on an actor with an illness. (land downunder).

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