Angelina Pivarnick: Engaged to David Kovacs!

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Former Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick is engaged. Somehow, she convinced David Kovacs to propose to her. Hopefully for his sake it's a stunt.

That's not a stretch. The reality star's boyfriend popped the question as cameras rolled at STYLE360 Sachika's fashion show at NYC's Fashion Week.

Here, for Angelina's 12 fans, is the magical moment ...

David Kovacs makes the biggest mistake of his life.

"She said yes," says the onlooker of Pivarnick. "She was completely surprised [and said], 'Are you serious?' She looked really happy and shocked."

"She covered her face with her hand and dropped ring on carpet because she was so nervous. He then picked her up and they hugged and kissed."

Aww. Congratulations, we guess. Sorry, Justin Rego. You totally missed out. Our pick for the first dance song at Angelina Pivarnick's wedding ...


Im happy for her, all those who disagree can suck my di**, Angelina has every right to be happy and celebrating just like anyone else who gets engaged, instead of being HATERS, say congrats and be a better person.... ;Dust your shoulders off haters;


Who would marry that garbage DAVID your making a huge mystake who would marry that fat bitch


Divorce within 2 years, dollars to donuts!! And she's eating all the donuts LOL


why are you guys even reporting this...............


are you kidding me.... Who? would want to marry this trash? why is she even news? she is nobody she couldn't make it on tv and to top it off the bitch can't sing? She is nasty and needs to clean up her look? YUCK!!!!!!!!!


Why is she even in the News??


Wow. That was by far the worst song of the decade. Her voice is...well, it's not a voice. It's something that should be illegal. And WTF is with the photo? She looks like a duck.
And WTF is with the Paris Hilton 'I'm Hot' bullshit? Paris Hilton is a washed up nobody (Finally) and she's trying to rip HER off?
Go. The. Fuck. Away.


Hhhhhhhhhhhh... What a idiot, she thinks that the whole world want to hear this terrible song, she's bitch .-.''


She's the worst. Uneducated, foul mouth, poor hygeine. Yuck. Gross in every way.


Dumbass #1 put a ring on Dumbass #2's finger. WHO CARES about these fucktards!!!

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