Amber Portwood Calls Cops on Gary Shirley ... Again

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Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley involved in an altercation that resulted in the cops being called? We can't imagine a bigger surprise.

Sure enough, the troubled mother of Leah called the police and filed a complaint against Gary Shirley, the father of their daughter, yesterday afternoon.

Please No More Babies

The MTV star told police that Gary was harassing her with phone calls and that Gary's girlfriend Ashley was heard on the phone in the background.

TEEN MOM DRAMA: This is an old screen shot. But probably an accurate account of yesterday's scuffle as well. At least it wouldn't surprise us. You?

Lieutenant Jerry Miller confirmed that police were called Thursday at 5:19 pm.

“[Amber Portwood] is saying that Gary was harassing her with phone calls and Ashley could be heard in the background," he said. “A report was taken.”

The police incident report says Amber requested cops go check on Gary after they made contact with her, in violation of the No Contact Order in place.

Ashley tells Radar Online that it's all blown out of proportion.

“It wasn’t me and I wasn’t even with Gary last night,” Ashley insists. "I haven’t seen him since Sunday. I was out with some girlfriends last night."

“Amber’s the one who’s been harassing me and had (a relative) call me ten times this morning threatening me. I plan on going to file on Amber."

“She’s just looking for attention and wants people to think she’s a victim.”

One source reports that Amber says she has been repeatedly harassed and has 28 messages and missed calls from "Gary’s friend" Ashley.

“Amber believes Ashley keeps pranking her because she wants to be with Gary,” the source said of the troubled couple. Stay tuned ...


This is a group of backwoods people being placed in front cameras, and now they think they are stars.Amber has some major anger issues, and her punching bag Gary thinks that he is a playa. Being on television has Not tamed this fighting duo's behavior one iota!!


And what if the genders were reversed?


amber is a crazy biotch!!!!! shes not worried about her daughter only boys and harrasing gary because hes got a new girl and no longer wants her fat ass gary needs to take her to court for full coustudy and he would win she is soo violent she dosent deserv to be a mom!!!

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Somebody needs to Donkey-kong this chunky bitch; bet she'd sit her demented ass down after that. Paging Ike Turner....


ashley is a stalker!!!!! and a whoooore!!! she already has one baby daddy, a deceased ex who she was claiming she was so close to yet had a restraining order against him and she is going to iupui to study psychology b/c she is a psycho stalker!


Exactly shes is exagerating and ALWAYS tries to be the victim!!!!

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