Witness: Michael Jackson's Kids Watched Him Die

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Michael Jackson's children watched him die, according to a prosecution witness in the preliminary hearing for his embattled physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

As Murray tried in vain to revive MJ after a drug overdose, his children Paris and Prince entered his bedroom, a former employee testified on Wednesday.

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"Paris screamed, 'Daddy,' and she started crying," Alberto Alvarez, a logistics director for Jackson, recalled as Katherine and Janet Jackson sat in court.

Paris, Blanket and Prince have been through a lot.

Alvarez testified in the second day of a preliminary hearing in L.A. Superior Court on an involuntary manslaughter charge against Dr. Conrad Murray.

Jackson feared being murdered, we learned yesterday, but Murray is not accused of anything like that. He didn't mean for MJ to die, but is he liable?

The judge will determine whether there's enough evidence for a trial for the 57-year-old doctor, and it's all but a formality that Murray will stand trial.

According to Alvarez, when MJ's children appeared that day, Murray shouted, "Get them out! Get them out! Don’t let them see their father like this."

At the time, Paris was 11 years old and Prince was 12.

Jackson was on his back, his eyes and mouth open, as Murray gave chest compressions and attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Alvarez says.

He was later declared dead at the hospital at age 50. It's whether Murray was responsible for his passing away that is in question here, of course.

Murray's conduct that day was suspicious, and his expected defense - that Michael killed himself - is thin. You won't hear that this week, though.

At the preliminary hearing, the defense is likely to sit and watch the prosecution outline its case, rather than try to plead its own. There's no point.

It would be a losing battle now, so they are likely to gear up for trial after seeing what the D.A. has and plans on using to convict Conrad Murray.


GOd.i neva knew dia were so much evil people in dis world.i think d jackson family was filled with envy greed n no or little luv.


This stupid doctor is deserve to be hang like sadam hussen i nt a gud person is shameless why why?he killed my beloved mega star michael

Obi kenneth

We will do nothing to make mj return alife, the only think we should do is to pray to God to let his soul rest in peace. Pls the doctor must not be blame, let us reason well as children of God and i'm sure we will consider that mj was destined to die that way. And for mj' kids it's unpleasant 4 them to c their daddy die.

Obi kenneth

We will do nothing to make mj return alife, the only think we should do is to pray to God to let his soul rest in peace. Pls the doctor must not be blame, let us reason well as children of God and i'm sure we will consider that mj was destined to die that way.


You are either very ignorant of this case or are arrogant to dismiss MJ's love for Life! If you are (which I doubt) a bit educated you should read the entire case and not Enquirer stories!! A most successfull human being on this Planet demands respect! Calling MJ names makes you look stupid and a looser in life I really Helen Troy..Check yourself out maybe you need some mental help!! MJ LOVE FOREVER!!


How do people said this horrible thing about michael jackson and put these kids in this i love mj i agree what lotoya jackson said he was murder and thats that


And another thing I think it really sad 4 MJ's kids to watch their father die that's a horrible 4 any child to c their mom or dad die right before their very eyes I watch my father die on his death bed I was 10 when I lost my dad so i know exactly how they feel it's something u never 4 get that's y i makes me so mad 2 c how people say such cruel about them calling them test tube babies etc those kids didn't do nothing to nobody but that the type of world we live in cold and wicked that's y u have be strong in this ruthless world . those kids gonna need a whole lot of TLC


It's the doctor fault end of story . if Michael wanted to kill himself trust me he would done it ALONG time ago .mike wasn't planning on dying he was getting ready 4 a comeback tour And I don't think he was a walking medicine cabinet he was man in pain and had problems sleeping so put the folk where it lies at that arrogant doctor every body wants to always to defend the wrongdoing but who's the voice of innocent and the helpless . he didn't murder him I'm NOT saying that but he was to wrong to leave the room when he should have been watching him I don't care what anybody SAYS


yo i dnt care i kno murray killed michael yo how in the heck u leave out the room when u kno he was on that type of medicine are u serious? and then try to blame everything on michael like he reall iwanted to kill hisslef i fully disagree with that because michael has ids to think about let alone hewas coming back in full force and had so many fans and ppl happy all he ever wanteed to do was make the world a better place michael has changed and dne so much for so many ppl no he is not a god but he;s an inspiration to many i think the judge should just gneh ead and give murray life in prison or the death penalty u suppose to be a docter and put michale on that kinda of drug propafal? realli and then leave the room? some kind of docter i fell sorry for michaels kids my orayers are deeply going out to hem and the whole jackson family♥♥♥♥
mj finatic


Dr. Conrad Murray is also Robert Earl Carter, yes the "doctor" that EAG hired for Michael has an alias, you can research him on the internet,he owns properties. Look it up before you blame Michael.All we want is the truth, nothing more and certainly nothing less. MIchael, his kids. and his family deserve an end to all this. Also an end to all the lies and slanderous stories in all media. He has been stalked and preyed apond since he was 5 years old .Let him REST In REAL PEACE.

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