Family: Michael Jackson Feared Being Murdered

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Members of Michael Jackson's family say the singer predicted his own death shortly before he died, becoming increasingly fearful that he'd be murdered.


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    ozzie; thats really rude..


    Drug addicts are always paranoid. Plus, MJ wanted to die. He knew he could not mime through an entire show but he needed money. Plus, Pubic hair was sprouting on dear Prince. There really wasn't much to live for.


    my poor husband !! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U , MJ !!!!!!!!!!


    TAMMI; maybe some one needs to sing and dance on your grave when you kick the bucket!


    michael would never kill himself he loves his kids wayyyyyyy to much to leave me them..yeah dr.murray should have NEVERRR EVERR gave him drugs.. this is how the tradgy happened because some dumb doctor gave him drugs


    Even if he did kill himself. The doctor is not suppose to let him do it. And the doctor wasn't suppose to let Michael use that drug by himself.


    Either way the petifiles dead so lets dance on his grave and sing happt songs. All the boys in the world are safe again.


    Michael was known for dedicating his life to his children, his fans and his music. The thing I just don't understand is that if Dr. Murray says Michael killed himself, why would he kill himself and leave his kids behind? Why would he kill himself and leave his loving fans that made him so famously known as the King of Pop? Why kill himself before the last tour he would ever do, just for his fans? All I'm saying is that Dr. Murray needs to quit making up these lies to cover up the truth and quit making himself look like a damn idiot and get his story up Dr. Murray!


    I am sorry but Michael would never kill himself. If you have watched the movie and read about his life story, like I have; you realize that he love animals and children and everyone else around him. I beleive he wouldn't even hurt a fly, let alone his ownself. Its a tragic thing that has happen and Dr. Murray is to blame. I agree with Kenya, Dr.Murray should of never started giveing Michael drugs; no matter how bad Michael wanted them. He is a Doctor, and Doctor's are supposed to know what is right and what is wrong! I grew up watch Michael's legacy grow. He will be sadly missed! The Good Do Die Young!( no matter what he did, I dont believe it)!


    I think that the dr guy shood have never eeven started givin him medicine dats were he was wrong and maybe he has somethin to hide thats yy the tape is missin howeverr of course no mother wood ever want to believe ther child killed themself but I think micheal had a lot of problems and that maybe this dr guy wanted him dead u kno but I love micheal jackson always have always will and ii truly hope the judgee makes the rite decision oo yaa andd ii lovee justinn bieberr goooo bieberr

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