We See You, Justin Bieber!

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Once again, Justin Bieber has gone undercover.

For the second time in a month, the 16-year old has tried to disguise himself using a fake mustache, the latest occasion coming on the red carpet of The Critics Choice Awards tonight.

But our spies are good! It took them a few hours, and they relied on many scoops from multiple sources, but our insiders have come through and spotted Justin on the red carpet. Sorry, buddy, you're gonna have to do better than this next time...

Silly Justin
Mustached Bieber

What do you think of Justin Bieber's faux facial hair?


bby bby bby....I DON'T THINK SO.... :s u are so cute + little + bby DON'T try 2 make your self older...we LOVE u just the way you are

John e

All of you BIEBEEERRR lovers got to be crazy as Sheen is.He is a punk kid just like spears,lohan,and the rest of the so called teen freaks whothink they are entertainers like ELVIS,SINATRA.and who ever.His head is so big now it is sooo sad.Selena should no better than to be seen with him.


weird but hot...but hey thats justin bieber for you.


Hi i love you all guys who write the comment but first i love justin bieber cute boy bye


@Katie: Justin would appreciate knowing he has a fan in you, but I wrote the article, I can assure you: it was 100% sarcasm.
He's holding microphone and he interviewed celebrities on the red carpet. Trust me, I didn't think the guy was trying to hide.


No, its not sarcasm. They are truly serious. I can tell more than you guys, but that is because I am a big Bieber fan. Shame on this website for not knowing Justin was JUST KIDDING.


y0ur vEry . . .chutEzZz _
ILU IMU INU....4ever


@Katie: You're not familiar with the concept of sarcasm, are you?


This is the most pathetic article I have ever read. If you actually had done your research instead of making up some stupid story at the last minute, you would have found out that he loves wearing fake mustaches, he calls it "Stache Swaggin'", he had no desire to disguise himself whatsoever. Just because he's a minor doesn't mean he's stupid. He couldn't disguise himself no matter how hard he tried, someone will always recognize him. Anyways, I'm truly disappointed with this article.


Justin looks so weird with a mustache.But at the same time he looks so cute!He is the king of music!!!


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