Ted Williams Mug Shots, Arrest Records: Released

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Ever since his sudden burst on to the national scene, Ted Williams has been honest about possessing a checkered past.

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    HE lied. I have a great radio voice, to! And some kids. Hey, I don't drink much ---- but I'll start! Gimme a beer!


    Its seems that the world and Teds family doesn't want him to succeed. If his family cared about him, they would not have aired out his mistakes as they did & so quickly. I think the daughter is an opportunist and is very disrespectful of her father. None of them gave him a chance. Why would the family or Dr. Phil bring him on national television and expose him as they did. Dr. Phil for his ratings, and his family because of jealousy and impatience. Of course he does drugs of course he stole, HE WAS HOMELESS, STAND BACK AND LET THIS MAN BREATH! give him a chance to reach the top before you start dragging him down!


    He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her/him John 8:7 God bless you Ted, I am praying for you and your total recovery!!!


    Does anyone else think he looks like Sammy Davis Jr.?


    When I showed my friend that video about a week ago, that's the first thing I said. Once he gets money, he'll either relapse, or won't be able to handle it.


    “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”


    you watch. i think this guy is a wendigo or a susquach. i mean it. i have heard they have radio announcer voices.


    For if YOU forgive men their trespasses, YOUR heavenly Father will also forgive YOU;  whereas if YOU do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will YOUR Father forgive YOUR trespasses.
    Matt 6:14, 15 People, please give Ted the opportunity to do whats needed to become a productive member of society. He needs a hand up......upbuilding...don't tear him down. We all have made mistakes in our lives...we all fall short and are imperfect. Yes he has alot aginst him but thinking only negative about him is not helping him at all. Encourage him and wish him well because he has a long road ahead of him. If he fails to make a positive change, then its his loss and his families.


    How can anyone compare him with Michael Vick?? Michael Vick is a torturer and murderer of innocent animals. Most serial killers and real sikkos started out with the torturing and killing of animals. Ted Williams stole for an awful addiction but Michael Vick had plenty of money and participated in the killing and torture of animals. There is a HUGE difference between murder, torture and theft. Michale Vick should still be behind bars. It takes an EVIL person to kill for pleasure!!


    9 Kids???? They all neglected each other? A 90 yr. old Mom, he never tried to reunite with. Says hes been sober for 2 yrs....oh yeah..?? Where were his 9 kids and why 2 years to reunite on TV????
    This guy is a walking time bomb. He needs to get out of the lime light, or else he will blow any more $$$Opportunitys.
    Honestly...there are much more worthy. honest people, who need a break.
    All of a sudden, he reunites with 2 of his kids??? Why? Cuz Daddy has some buck$ heading his way. And free Cav tickets!!!!!

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