Ted Williams is an incredible story. He's a homeless man from Ohio who was discovered on the street and earned instant fame due to his...

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Remember Ted Williams? The Man with the Golden Voice? The guy who sky-rocketed to fame because he has a deep voice and because America is obsessed with rewarding those who don't actually accomplish anything?

And who then ended up in rehab a few weeks later?

Entertainment Tonight tracked Williams down this week and aired a feature that updated viewers on the former homeless man's status. Apparently he's now clean and living in a condo with his girlfriend! Good for him! Watch for more:

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The Man with the Golden Voice is now the man with a legal beef.

Ted Williams, the homeless individual who skyrocketed to fame because of his deep voice (click play, below) has filed a lawsuit against three men he claims ripped him off.

Referring to Zev Suissa, Randy Thomas and Joe Cipriano as the defendants, the suit states this threesome took advantage of Ted's status an alcoholic. He signed a deal with them that Williams now says was "one-sided, onerous, burdensome, non-negotiated and blatantly unfair." It gave them a wad of his cash.

Williams, who re-entered rehab in May and hasn't been heard from since, wants a judge to void the contract.

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Ted Williams is heading back to rehab.

The homeless man who shot to stardom in January due to his radio-made voice, and who has also battled substance abuse problems for years, is set to return to the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas, the same facility in which he spent time earlier this year.

Ted Williams Photo

According to Ted's manager, Williams will join a 90-day program to "get his strength back" and to build a "solid foundation in a 12-step program."

Until that happens, his book deal and reality show have been placed on hold.

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This was as inevitable as the recent Kim Kardashian baby rumors...

Ted Williams has officially signed on for a reality show. The former homeless man and new milkshake promoter will star in "Second Chances at Life," a series that will follow Williams' attempt to battle substance abuse and rebuild his life.

Ted Williams Photograph

According to TMZ, via Ted's representative, the show will start filming in a couple weeks and be based in three locations: Brooklyn, Ohio and Los Angeles.

Moreover, a second season is already being planned, one that will introduce other people around the country who deserve a second chance. We wonder if Michael Vick will be included...

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In Friday's THG Caption Contest, we asked you to come up with the best one for this photo of Ted Williams making it big ... or at least making milkshakes.

Our winner is BONER. Congrats, Bone. The winning caption appears below.

Thanks to all for playing best of luck in the next THG Caption Contest!

Ted Williams at Millions of Milkshakes

Wow!!! The last time my hands were this cold and I made this much money, I was holding a sign that said: Bet you can't hit me with a quarter!!!

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... of milkshakes, that is. Welcome to THG's Caption Contest!

He's got a ways to go to match the fame of our previous contest subjects Lady Gaga and Willow Smith, but Ted Williams has earned his Z-list status.

How far the Homeless Man with the Golden Voice has come. One day, panhandling in Ohio. The next, doling out treats at Millions of Milkshakes.

What's he thinking or saying here? Just think up your best caption(s), leave them as comment below and win! We'll announce a winner Monday!

Ted Williams at Millions of Milkshakes

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The mother of golden-voiced homeless man Ted Williams has urged her son to return to rehab. But it doesn't sound like Williams plans on listening.

"My reason for leaving treatment was because it gave me a sense of it being scripted," he told 10TV News in Columbus this week. "I was doing live telephone call-ins with Dr. Phil and my girlfriend and my ex-wife and all my kids. It became somewhat of a scripted circus, and a form of anonymity was lost."

How is Williams doing since leaving the treatment facility? He tells The Early Show in the following interview that troubles with drinking are "behind me" and "I am more appreciative of life. I'm not taking it for granted."

Let's hope it remains that way.

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After years apart, Ted Williams was reunited with his 90-year old mother on national television last month. It was a sweet, albeit fleeting, moment of hope in the tale of this begger-turned-celebrity.

Sadly, in the days after Williams was thrust into the spotlight, he relapsed, got into an argument with his daughter, checked into rehab and then promptly exited the treatment facility against doctor's orders.

Ted Williams at Millions of Milkshakes

Julia Williams is now urging her son to return.

"I'm very sorry that he left, and I'm very upset," she tells People. "Certainly I want him to go back. He needs help."

Reportedly, Williams couldn't handle life at Origins Recovery Center due to the presence of cameras outside the facility and the over-reliance on medication inside of it. Julia thinks Ted has returned to California and has heard he's planning to record children's books.

She doesn't have hope that he'll remain clean: "I know he doesn't stick at things for long. Whatever it is, he soon tires of it. He thinks he can make it on his own, without rehab. And I'm sure he can't."

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Ted Williams has checked out of rehab. But this is not as positive of a step as it may sound like for the former panhandler.

Fewer than two weeks after he checked into the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas, TMZ reports that the man who sky-rocketed to fame on the basis of his wonderful voice has left the facility. Against doctor's orders.

Ted Williams Photo

Williams had followed the advice of Dr. Phil in mid-January and supposedly come to the realization that he needed assistance with drug and alcohol dependency. This revelation took place just days after he got into a heated exchange with his daughter.

Let's all hope that Williams starts focusing less on fame and more on his health.

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Ted Williams is a man with a golden voice, and a serious drinking problem.

As he heads off to rehab to deal with the latter, Williams has a message for America: “I’m going to get well. All I ask is that you don’t forget me, please.”

Thanks to an intervention from Dr. Phil, Williams has checked in to Origins Recovery Center in South Padre Island, Texas. He says:

“I’m getting a good start. Dr. Phil, best man in the world, and who else wouldn’t take advice from Dr. Phil. I’m not through yet. I’m on my way to treatment."

Uh-oh. Williams thinks Dr. Phil is the best man in the world?!? He may need more help than we realized.

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