Ted Williams: Detained by Police

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This will not help Ted Williams in his battle with the other Ted Williams...

The homeless man with a golden voice, who has become an overnight sensation across the country, was detailed by Los Angeles police officers last night following an argument with his daughter.

Ted Williams Photo

The dispute, which reportedly took place over money, went down at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. A hotel employee called authorities due to excessivly loud shouting between Williams and his daughter.

Both were taken to the police station, though no charges were pressed.

Williams has received numerous job offers since he was discovered on the streets of Ohio this month. He has a long arrest record, but Americans have galvanized behind a man who says God has given him a second chance.

Let's hope he's not on the verge of blowing it.


His daughter needs to go to Rehab too to get straighten up.Who is she to fight back and scratched her father that bad.Looking for FAME probably.


Ted's family/kids probably never cared enough to look for him or offer him help so, they shouldn't come after him now that he is making money. I know that he wasn't there for them as they grew up, which is wrong, so they shouldn't care about what he is doing now. I wish him the very best and I hope the good Lord helps him for this must be very overwhelming for him. And, no, he doesn't look like Pres. Obama!!


His family looked for him for years and he even admitted to hiding from them. He hid from his own mother and i know it was drugs that made him act like that but he is not all innocent and he for sure is not the only VICTIM here his kids are. Good for him for trying to change but he is still an addict and even said he was and has used recently. They should get him help and then let him do all of the talk show rounds:)I do wish him alot of luck though because I would never want someone to have to live their life as an addict if they can get help


Looks like Ted Williams. No need to burden him with the other!!


I truly don't get the Obama likeness comments unless Obama looks like Sammy Davis Jr. Nevertheless I wish this guy (& his estranged family)well and hope none of them have to go through too many more hoops to reach contentment.


OMGosh yes I thought the same thing also about him looking like Pres. Obama and he sounds like him also .. hopefully he doesn't let all the fame get to him and ends up back in drugs again.. I wish this man the best


hahaha i third that emotion!!! with all of his Freinemies........


I kno huh....he DOES kinda look like Obama :)


I think that he should be at least allowed to get his bearings about him and get some money flowing in. I'm sure he is very aware of the fact that the children and mom's or mothers did without a lot. He is trying to redeem himself and he seems like a very humble man who will try and make things up to his children But as said previously" When the money starts flowing....long lost friends/family and frienimies will come forward with their hand sticking out.


Ted Williams ABANDONED his 9 children and left them to be brought up and supported by his wife. This was 20 years ago. They weren't adults then. Damn right he owes them something and his poor wife, too.

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