Ted Williams Checks Out of Rehab

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Ted Williams has checked out of rehab. But this is not as positive of a step as it may sound like for the former panhandler.

Fewer than two weeks after he checked into the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas, TMZ reports that the man who sky-rocketed to fame on the basis of his wonderful voice has left the facility. Against doctor's orders.

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Williams had followed the advice of Dr. Phil in mid-January and supposedly come to the realization that he needed assistance with drug and alcohol dependency. This revelation took place just days after he got into a heated exchange with his daughter.

Let's all hope that Williams starts focusing less on fame and more on his health.


For right now, he should focus more on himself and not his family. His family gave up on him, so he needs to stay focused on moving forward.....there is only so much a person can handle at a time!!!!...from being homeless and not a single person caring about him -->To mass media and EVERYONE knowing your name-->To exposing the truth about your life-To having to reconnect and fix past family issues-->To fixing alcoholism.......thats just too much!


This guy is a tool. After dumping his family...and 9 kids, after being homeless, after being a drug/alcohol addict, after getting a second chance handed to him on a golden platter....He is throwing it all away...Has he learned nothing? Did he think this would be easy? I know a lot of people "better" than him that deserve a second chance more than he does.


If he goes on a bender he will not be GREAT
He gets a job he will be FIRED
He is still a man with an addiction.When his
girlfriend leaves rehab and they hang out together
they'll be back where they were in no time.


I knew this would happen.
Now the girlfriend more than likely will leave
He wasted everyone's time and if it were me I
would not offer him a job under these circumstances.
He will be unreliable and if he hangs with Kathy,his
girlfriend they will be back on the stret in no time.
It's sad


Even With Him Walking Away From The Water He Has Been Led Too He Will Find His Way Back To The Path That God Has Marked Out For Him. His Fame Is Still There And Will Be Great.


Why is this guy such a big deal theres more talent in the train station in NYC where theres bums acting everyday smh


Since Ted Williams has decided to check out of rehabilitation against medical advice,I guess he is only serving to prove that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
I remember the Robert DeNiro movie "A Bronx's Tale" and it refers to the term wasted talent. Ted's voice may have been the start of something big, but evidently he doesn't have the time or the gumption to move on from the street life that he had gotten used to.
He is now going into the direction that will make others have second thoughts about his rags back to rags story!!


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