Ted Williams and Daughter Exchange Accusations, Insults

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In barely a week, Ted Williams has gone from random homeless man to national folk hero.

But might the shine be coming off the golden-voiced ex-con? His story is slowly devolving into Jerry Springer territory, as Williams and his daughter were detained by police this week for a hotel shouting match.

They've each now given dueling interviews to Entertainment Tonight, hurling accusations of cursing, scratching and drinking back and forth. As usual, the truth likely lies somewhere in between these versions of what went down between the relatives, but it's not encouraging either way.

See for yourself:


Where was this "daughter" when Ted was homeless??? Now that Ted's famous, she's preying on him, hoping she could cash in some money for herself by telling his story. If you really are a good daughter, it would also be your shame if the world knew your dad's alcoholic. And you don't go to TV talk shows and say something awful about your own family. So tacky.


the bible said honour your father and your mother so that your days may be long know matter what happened between her and her father she have know right to raise her hand on her father that shows that she is inreponsible cos first she is surpose to thank God that her father is off the steet


That "daughter" should be ashamed of herself!! Lashing out like that on her troubled father, just to make money off of him! Acting all GHETTO at such a remarkable and precious time for her father. Ted Williams should stay away from his family , because they obviously dont have his best interests at heart and are going to suck his blood dry. They are going to hound him and harrass him for money if he doesn't put a stop to his contact with them. He needs to steady himself for recovery and stay away from his old drug friends and his family. and just focus on himself!


is that Dr. Phil posing as LEO? Dang, tell us how you really feel lol. I almost fell asleep reading that. Zzzzzzz


Thanks, Zelda


Hi Doink, sorry to hear you are stuck in the airport. I was stuck in the Turkish airport in the summer for 15 hours so I feel your pain.
As for the story, basically the daughter is accusing Ted that he is drinking and possibly using again. He denies it. They cursed each other out and his daughter physically attacked him. He has the marks to prove it. In my experience dealing with alcoholics and users in the restaurant business, I think the daughter let her emotions get the best of her but that Ted is most likely drinking again. Fame and fortune do terrible things to people.


I am traveling with a Dumb Phone and can't view the video. Would someone be so kind and e-laborate [sic ;-)] on the exchange. I find this story interesting and I am stuck in an airport.

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