Teen Mom Ridin' Dirty: Farrah Abraham Models For Motorcyle Calendar

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In addition to being a reality star, aspiring author, culinary student and defender of Teen Mom who calls out Kim Kardashian, Farrah Abraham dabbles in modeling.

The 19-year-old scored mother of Sophia scored a gig posing for J. Anthony Digital Photography‘s “Mastering the Art of American Motorcycles” calendar in May.

Farrah Abraham and Daughter Sophia

This won't sit well with her baby's grandma, who has been fighting tooth and nail for custody and visitation every step of the way. But girl's got bills to pay!

Enjoy these modeling outtakes from that shoot ...

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I think farrah is a very strong girl for her age, She lost her babies daddy in a accident thats very sad ,i dont blame farrah for being a bitch to her mom, her mom is in her case all the time, I do think farrah needs to be with sophia morr than school oh fuckin well children come first in life than a career she is getting paid for teen mom so WTF!


I hate Farrah the most out of all the girl she is so direspectful 2 her mother she's a ugly stupid bitch ...she needs take care of her daughter instead of trying 2 model her ugly ass off ...


She fugly....enough said!


Her face may not be the prettiest & her outfit is kinda stupid but I'd be proud as hell to look that good after having a baby! There's nothing wrong with doing a little modeling when your a mom! Look at heidi klum & miranda kerr! She's not showing anything inappropriate.


this girl sucks shes so mean to her mom she has such a terrible attitude stop blameing the mom for being crazy shes not trying to be crazy farrah is driving her crazy...plus who cares wat shes doin shes not a damn celeb so i guess kim k s right mtv is glamorizing teen pregnancy these whores are everywhere sad sad sad


her face = Mr. Potatoe Head!


OMG Monkey, how is this inappropriate!? She's fully clothed standing by a bike!!! WTF?


I think that farrah is very strong to put up with her crazy mom, going to schook and be a mothe her self. I am a young mom and it is hard. She found something she enjoys, and can get paid for it. LEAVE HER ALONE.


Lmao. & she talks bad about Kim Kardashian ?
I mean this may not be a sex tape, but she pretty much is using her body to make money. So she needs to stfu, i never liked this girl.


I don't see how people find her attractive.
My ass looks better than her face.