Farrah Abraham: Betrayed By Baby's Grandma

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was shocked to learn that the grandmother of her infant daughter Sophia secretly met her and held her last summer.

"I was surprised, I felt so betrayed," Farrah said of Stormie Clark, who is estranged from the Teen Mom, but who has worked tirelessly to see Sophia.

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Farrah Abraham hasn't pursued a relationship with Clark since she never approved of her son, the late Derek Underwood, dating her in the first place.

Farrah Abraham is an embattled Teen Mom, but she's a fighter.

Underwood tragically passed away in a car accident two months before Sophia was born in 2009. Since then, Clark and Abraham have been at odds.

But Clark now recalls her first - and only - "surprise" run-in with her granddaughter Sophia in June at a local park in Council Bluffs, Iowa, to Star.

Farrah was not there for the secret meeting. Instead, her nanny handed over baby Sophia to Clark for a photo, which she learned about only later.

"When I saw the photo it seemed to me that Sophia didn't feel comfortable. I feel bad that she was put in that situation," Farrah now recalls.

"I will never have her in the child government day care system again."

Clark says she'll "never give up" her fight to win visitation with her granddaughter, even after an Iowa judge denied her request last month.

Regardless of Stormie's claim, Farrah, who denies claims she's been abusive, is not worried Sophia will ever end up back in Clark's arms.

"I have full custody of Sophia. I'm not concerned. Stormie is out of my life," Farrah said, and hopefully, she's right. Keep up the battle, girl!


Lacie sounds like you're jealous of Farrah.


Wow! You are all so quick to judge. I went to the same school as Farrah and she was a stuck up snobby bitch to everyone. And she treated Derek like shit!
Farrah tricked Derek into getting her pregnant so that she could make money off of the show. Now she got what she wanted and Sophia's daddy is gone. Farrah is a fake ass bitch people! Yes I can say that because I knew her unfortunately. Derek's mom and family are good people. Farrah's parents are psychos!! They have police records on both of them. Derek had a loving family and they have no criminal history.
Farrah doesn't care about anyone but herself. Sophia is a way to make her that money and Karma will catch up with FARRAH. Oh yes it will!


I literally turn off Teen Mom when Farrah gets on the screen. She is always nasty, selfish, spoiled, impatient and obnoxious to her mother and father. She treats them like crap and acts like she runs the house. Also, she clearly uses Sophia to blackmail her mother. She deserved to be smacked. The only problem is Debra waited way too long to do it!! What a brat, I can't stand her!!!! Shame on her for her behavior.


I just think its really crappy of Farrah to be so selfish and deny Sophia the right to know her father's family. Yeah theyve had problems in the past but Farrah needs to grow up and think about whats best for her daughter and put her own selfish drama aside. After all Derrick's family is all Sophia has left of her father. I think it was really crappy too of Farrah to use his sister Cassie just long enough to get Derrick's survivor benefits and then kicked her out of Sophia's life as well. Hopefully Farrah will grow up soon and realize whats best for her daughter.


@ Rena Masters: I don't know if you actually know Stormie or not but your comment is extremely hard to read and you haven't done your friend any favors! Farrah looks like a good mom to me and seems to be making good decisions for Sophia. I agree with Mamachka: MIL need to understand that being blood related doesn't give you automatic rights to a child. If Stormie really cared about Sophia and being a grandmother, she should have stepped up to the plate long before now. Where was she when Farrah got pregnant? After she had Sophia? Nowhere to be found is where. Farrah, keep up the good work. I hope you realize your dreams and that you and Sophia have a wonderful life.


I`am a very Dear Friend of Stormie. Just because she don`t and really got along with her son`s girl friend. Dose NOT mean to use Sophia to get back at her. Stormie is a good Person , Mother , Grandma , And The Best. I know Stormie for a very Long Time. She is nothing LIKE WHAT SOME OF YOU SAY. GOD FORGIVE YOU FOR SAYING THINGS ABOUT SOMEONE YOU DO NOT KNOW. Stormie is Blood related to Sophia and will all ways be. That is her Grand Dauther from her Son.HIS baby. He is in HEAVEN. What is ? STORMIE, I LOVE YOU. YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE SOPHIA . WHAT IS ? WRONG. GOD TAKE CARE OF THIS. It IS SO SAD . I DON`T GET ALONG WITH MY SON`S MOTHER OF HIS CHILD. I THANK GOD. SHE BRINGS HER TO ME TO SEE. Even Though she don`t LIKE ME AT ALL. I SEE HER. NOT WITH MY SON AND I STILL GET TO SEE HER.


And nobody here is living in there shoes, and only they know what is going on in there life!!


For being a single mom, I personally think Farrah is doin an awesome job of taking care of Sophia and herself, especially being strong about not having her love and babys father around. As for amber and Gary they have their problems but I think that just proves you shoulgeNOT get pregnant so young. And just because she wants to be a teenager doesn't mean she's a bad person or mom! Catelynn and Tyler made a good decision for Carly..nuff said! Not that they wouldn't have been great parents but they will be Awesome parents in a better situation. Maci is extremely reasponsible and I bow down to her for being a strong independent woman...sorry to Ryan but he wasn't a father at first but good for him finally growing up and taking reasponsibility.


If you knew amber like we know amber you to would be praying to god she never has custody of Leah again.



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