Racy Maci: Bookout Hits the Beer Bong!

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Is Maci Bookout trying to give Amber Portwood a run for her money?

Okay, that's taking it a bit far. As far as we can tell, her future will be largely free of screaming matches, baby daddy beatings, celebrity mug shots, restraining orders, terrible Gary Shirley singing and so on. For this we are grateful.

Amber Portwood and Maci Bookout

But the 19-year-old was still photographed hitting a beer bong. Peep it:

Hey, at least she doesn't appear pregnant. You never know with these Teen Mom stars. Next thing you know, one will smoke a cigarette while pumping gas.

Check out more Maci Bookout party pics after the jump ...


maci is just having fun she is a good mom


Leave the poor girl alone! Who cares if she is human? She is young, and unmarried, let her do as she pleases people! She is a good mother, very responsible, very mature... what the heck do you want her to do sit at home 24/7? Let the poor girl live a little! I'm sure Bentley wasn't out in the car or something like that! He was probably with his father or grandparents so she took some time for herself with her friends! You people that make a big deal out of stuff like this crack me up! Really have you nothing better to do then to try to bash someone else? Macy has shown herself to be very deserving of a night out with her friends! YOU GO MACY, LIVE A LITTLE WHENEVER YOU CAN! that's what I say, and to any of you busy bodies with nothing better to do then to judge a good mother, good mother.... GO GET YOUR OWN LIFE WOULD YOU PLEASE?!?


So Maci was drinking underage ONCE! Big deal! Comparing her to Amber, Jenelle or even Snooki is ridiculous! She IS still a teenager and yes, she's a mom too but I doubt she had Bentley anywhere near here when these photos were taken. She's more responsible than that.


Oh shut up "survivor" every parent deserves a break. She is a good mother, bentley is safe with family. What is she supposed to do sit at hone and wIt while bent is with his dad?


Maci s the one teen mom out of the bunch I think has a good head on her shoulders. There is a HUGE difference between this and the always awaful antics of girls like Amber and Jenelle.


She is the best mom outa the bunch. People can talk crap all they want but im sure bentley was safe. Either with ryan or her mom and dad. Stop being so judgemental


Yah...these picks aren't knew and at least bentley isn't there!


mmm. not anything new, underage people drink all the time. atleast she's a good mom, NOTHING like amber.


big whoop, girls gonna drink every now and then. She seems way mature then any of the other teen moms.


Isnt ne 0ne concerned. Ths girl is underage. Party til u dr0p girl jst like SN0OKI! Lolz. W0nder where BENTLEY is?!

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