Gary Shirley Serenades Amber Portwood ... on Video!

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Every little thing that you do, baby, I'm amazed by you.

That's the message Gary Shirley set out to convey to Amber Portwood by serenading her with this stirring rendition of "Amazed," the 1999 hit by Lonestar.

It may have even worked. According to TMZ, which got its hands on this classic, Amber totally melted when her baby daddy and ex-fiance sent this video.

Gary recorded his cover of "Amazed" - their "song," shortly after Amber Portwood was ordered to stay away from him after walloping his ass on TV.

Bet he hasn't performed this for Autumn Jones, though!

We'll give Gary this much. At least he's trying. And can play a few guitar chords. As wannabe reality TV musicians go, he's way above Spencer Pratt.

Seriously, follow the link in the previous sentence to listen to some of Pratt's recent efforts. Prepare to have your mind blown ... and ears bleed out.


Gary is in desperate need of an intervention, two of them to be exact. 1> To end his addiction to (cough) love and this deep co-dependency he has 2> The obvious addiction to food Maybe then he can focus on his daughter, grow up a little bit, and learn to be a good father to a child who is doomed to end up like her mother.


Had to mention his weight??? Gee, thanks. We didn't realize he was overweight. You're so enlightened.


This guy needs to stick to his day job. Which is basically being overweight.


The smell of her skin? BARF . . .

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