Oprah Winfrey's Family Secret: Revealed!

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On her talk show later today, Oprah Winfrey will reveal a family secret that she has quietly hyped as "the miracle of all miracles."

What is the news that has "literally shaken" the television goddess to her "core?"

According to Kitty Kelley, who penned "Oprah: A Biography," Winfrey will present a half-sister who was given up for adoption as a baby.

Citing an “inside family source” to The Chicago Tribune, Kelley claims Winfrey’s mother gave birth to a girl, Bunny, who she then “gave away shortly after she was born because she couldn’t afford to take care of her.” Bunny will appear with the host on today’s show.

Kelley has made an infamous name for herself in Hollywood by writing unauthorized biographies of celebrities, relying on third-person and anonymous quotes to reveal supposedly shocking secrets on stars from Oprah to Frank Sinatra.

UPDATE: Oprah taped today's show earlier this morning and confirmed this story; she introduced Patricia to the world, a woman who was given up for adoption in 1963 and who currently resides in Milwaukee.


Oprha sucks!


I don't keep up with alot of news as far as television is concerned. But everyone is someone. I am pretty sure that the news about the young lady is very surprising to you Ophray. I don't have any sisters myself. But if I had a sister that I had not seen since I was a child myself then yes this would be something that I would want the entire world to know. I am very happy for you Ms. Ophray Winfrey. That is good news. I will continually pray for you and your family Ophray.


@Hilton Hater:
Are we being punk'd??
Oprah had a sister named Patricia Lloyd who died years ago at the age of 43 of an overdose.It is my understanding that she was living in Wisconsin at the time. She is the same sister that sold a story to the National Enquirer about Oprah having lost a baby while a teenager and breaking Oprah's heart by revealing this information.
Can it possibly be that we will now be introduced to a sister who was placed for adoption and end up with the same first name of the deceased sister who hurt Oprah so cruelly?


ms Oprah, it is your sister that you have found. james peters chicago


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