What Will Oprah Reveal?!?

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Oprah Winfrey is just a messenger, folks. But she has an anxious world awaiting that next message.

In a new commercial for the next edition of her talk show, Winfrey says: "I was given some news that literally shook me to my core. This time, I'm the one being reunited. I was keeping a family secret for months, and on Monday you're going to hear it straight from me."

What could the secret be? There are many possibilities, as Winfrey was born to unwed teens, had a baby who passed away and was raised by various family members.

"I thought I'd seen it all," Winfrey teases. "But this, my friends, is the miracle of all miracles."


Let me guess what Oprah's secret might be: Knowing Oprah's big ego and her fallacy that she is the next coming of Christ. I will put my money on who her father really is, Yes her real father is some philosopher,inventor , doctor a rich famous person, someone with major stature,certainly not Vernon Winfrey a barber, although she looks just like him the same drooping eye lids.


@Big Momma, Respectfully speaking and with a dose of humor added, if you are revealed to be Oprah's big secret please continue to drop your pen pals at THG a line from time to time. I will be rooting for you!!!


With this well publicized teaser, it has got to be BIG!!
With a family secret to be revealed that shook Oprah to her core, it has got to be her BIGGEST story Ever!!
For Oprah to tease her viewers over a weekend, her viewing audience has got to be just as SURPRISED as she claims she was. Tomorrow her secret will be revealed, and please Oprah, do not disappoint us with something that we already know!!


Please let ME be the caucasian child she never had..... I need a rags-to-riches story to happen to me!!!! Mommy Oprah, Step-Daddy Stedman..... here I come!!!


It's Michael Jackson... He's revealing that he faked his death


I bet its no big deal. Why is she hyping it up anyway? Does she plan on making every aspect of her life public? Geez oprah, just cuz your famous means you should act like everyone should be at the edge of their seats for you? Get over yourself...


She's a dude yo...that would explain a lot


I bet she meets her real father. Her mother was a teen when she had her and there was always a question of Vernon Winfrey being the dad.


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