Chick Falls in Fountain While Texting, Files Lawsuit

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A distracted Pennsylvania woman fell in a fountain at the mall because she was texting so feverishly. That's hilarious, as is the fact that she's now suing the mall!

Oh yes, Cathy Cruz Marrero feels the mall is at fault for not helping her. She claims she could've been badly hurt and the security guards should've helped.

Instead, they laughed. As will you, when you watch this greatness here:

"I'm just like dumbfounded. All I kept saying was, 'I fell. I fell. I fell in the fountain. I fell in the fountain,'" said Marrero. Yes. You sure did, there, Cath.

Marrero has hired a lawyer to pursue legal action. The investigation is ongoing at the mall as to who leaked the video online. Whoever it was, thank you!