Leah Simms, Husband Corey Relive, Reflect on Teen Mom Heartbreak

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For Teen Mom’s Leah Simms, her separation from now-husband Corey was hard enough without reliving the heartbreak on the MTV hit show this week.

The parents of 13-month-old twins Aleeah and Aliannah watched the January 11 premiere episode with family and friends at their West Virginia home.

Like plenty of viewers, they got choked up as they watched themselves on screen.

Leah Simms, Family

"We got emotional watching the scene because you could just see how much we loved each other," Leah Simms, 18, tells the new issue of Us Weekly.

At the time, the pair were reeling from their split, Leah's subsequent dalliance with ex-boyfriend Robbie and daughter Ali's unexplained health woes.

And while they still don't have answers about their little one - "Ali has had MRIs and we're still going to doctors," Leah says - the relationship is solid.

The couple, who wed last fall, has no regrets about the past tumult: "If I hadn't made that mistake, I wouldn't have learned from it," she says.

Perhaps there's hope for Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley yet.

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Yall are great parents


For anyone talking bad about Leah, shut yahh mouth. Leah is a great mother for being so concerned with her daughter's health. If she were "spoiled", I feel like she wouldn't be living in a trailer.. She and Corey do what they can with what they have which isn't much for a newlywed teenage couple with twin babies. Just because you're not as blessed as to have been given a loving husband and beautiful girls just yet, you really shouldn't go around judging. Be happy for her. If she is in fact a hoe then it'll come back around on her. Either way, it sure as hell ain't your business.


omg ANGIE! WHO the F*UCK are you??? You seem to be very immature!!! I think leah and corey are doing just fine and neither of them showed signs of being spoiled or as you say a HOE! With your mouth i would hate to see you as a mother or a wife. what do you think about that jugement on someone you dont know????


Fuck leahs dumb spoiled ass!!!! Shes a dirty lil whore!!!Corey deserves better than that tramp!!!!!!You can tell shes a HOE!!!!!Fuckn brat!!!!lmfao someone needs to whoop dat bitch is ass!!! Ugh..


I for one think Corey made a huge mistake. Once a cheater always a cheater. She is no role model. She is a disgrace.


Leah, I know you have alot going on in your life but you don't realize how lucky you are to have two beauitful girls and a husband like corey. Don't let any of that go, work through the tough times to get to the good. You guys are solemates from what I can see. I am praying for all of you. One more thing, do not listen to your friend that said to you at your bachlorette party about you missing out on something better, their is no better than corey.


Im frm richlands va i would love 2 meet leah and corey i browse the internet every week 2 c how Ali is progressing. Leah and Corey r great parents. I have 3 kids and i couldnt image goin thru what these parents have wnt thru they have been n my prayers frm the tme that they startd takin ali to the dr. I knw how hard it is 2 be a parent but leah and corey has done such a great job with their twins. Keep up the good job leah and corey. Yall are the best :)


This precious family needs many prayers,especially for beautiful Ali. God Bless their entire family and I pray for Ali's health and her parents strength to help their baby through this.


I wonder if anyone has realized that leah is like 200million times prettier then she used to be just sayin?? But anyway iam just glad her and corey are back together and they should never compare there relationship to amber and garys becasue leah and corey are a 100 times better parents and ppl then they will ever be her and maci are my 2 personal favs. They are the best parents they can be and thats all that should matter...!!!!


AHH...I love this couple! They are a perfect love story. I am from VA and would love to meet them in person so bad. The girls are adorable. I hope everything works out great for them