Kristen Stewart Rumored for Role of Snow White

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Might Kristen Stewart be going from vampires to dwarfs?

The actress is reportedly the leading contender for the title role in Snow White and the Huntsman, a live-action adaption of the classic fairy tale. Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron are also up for parts in the film.

Snow White Pic

In the upcoming retelling of the Grimm brothers story, the Huntsman will serve as Snow White's protector and mentor.

If Stewart does sign on for the drama, she would begin shooting right after filming on Breaking Dawn is complete. What do you think, Twihards? Can you picture her in the role?

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I think she will do an excellent job in portraying Snow White. Don't judge her acting skills just by seeing Twilight. Watch Welcome To The Rileys, Runaways, Speak, Into The Wild, Panic Room to see her true potential as an actress. I, for one, absolutely love this gorgeous girl! If I had a wish, it'd be to marry her & be the love of her life!


I think she would do bad for that role like someone else said she doesn't change character in the twilight movies somebody else can play the role of snow white


she is perfect for the role.dont care all the haters,envy jealous,judgemental people about and always support her.


I think that Kristen Stewart would be terrible for the role of Snow White. I mean, she doesn't look the part at all. If they want a lot of publicity for using someone as known as her for her role in Twilight, then sure shes a good choice. But if they really want to portray the Snow White that we grew up with then she is the worst possible choice. She may be a borderline good actress, but she doesn't do well with characters that have a lot of personality. And besides that, Kristen is a skinny body and a constantly angry face, quite unlike the cute pale, rounded face of Snow White (not to mention Stewart's thin messy hair). The point is that she would only be casted because of how well known she is, rather than her ability to portray the part well.


Stewart is the same character in all her movies. She doesn't have variety in her roles. I say they need a different actress as Snow White cause Bella won't look good as Snow White!


I think she's a good actress. However I cant see her as Snow white. I think a better choice would be Megan fox. She looks more the part to me.


stewart is a great choice for this role! I see alot of talent
in this kid! she's also very pretty-beautiful eyes! I hope she gets this role.


they said that she got wosrt award the rasybaeery award


hopefully, this would be Kristen's post twilight film. Unless, there's a conflict on "the scheduling" of things between her and Robert...


I think she would be perfect,then we will see her acting prowess. Instead of her portraying all roles of a rebellious child, this time I would like to see her as a beautiful princess