Kim Richards and Kyle Richards Are Okay!!!

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Oh, thank goodness. We haven't slept well for a week.

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    I agree that Kyle is abusive to her sister Kim and I would guess the basis for it would be jealousy towards her for her sister's popularity as a youngster.


    I lived with an alcoholic from age 12 to 22, my mother's boyfriend. I didn't take school friends home because I was too ashamed. I don't remember a time when he was sober. I was angry and hurt. I became co-dependent. The only reason he was out of my life at age 22 is because my mother died of a massive heart attack. My childhood was stolen as were my reenage years. If Kim is indeed an alcoholic I understand Kyle's frustration. I sympathathize with Kim's children. The entire family needs to seek thera


    Kyle you should have never outed your sister. If she has a problem you just made it worse! Remember what happened to the my favorite RHONY "Jill Zarin", she became so vile everyone started to loath her. I think your headed down that path. Kyle always stand up for family, never sell your soul to fame and other predators! I think that you need to look in the mirror and see that you are acting like a bully and open your eyes to people like "Taylor" she grew up in a house with violence and she has a mean spirit if she actually put you against your sister. Lisa is pretty accurate and she sees Taylor coming, she just doesn't want to get in the middle of you and Taylor's so called friendship. Kyle I like you, don't get caught up in the
    crazy fame you are looking like a jealous bully! be a real sister to Kim she is family! Don't be the next "Jill" remember you might be next!


    Kim is a wonderful human being.She did buy the family home for her mom.Kyle took the house ...thinking it belonged to her.It was Kim's money that bought the house and the cars.Kyle you are a look like one 2.


    Can't believe the imbeciles taking Kim's side. The woman is known to have YEARS of substance abuse problems and no one forced her to go on a reality show and bare all her skeletons to the public. She did this to herself.

    I feel sorry for Kyle having to spend her life babysitting her sister , a grown woman, the rest of her life. When you have dysfunctional family members there's only so much a person can do to help that person.

    YOU ALL DID PAY ATTENTION DIDN'T YOU to the end of the series when it showed Kim's family checked her into rehab and a week later Kim checked herself out?




    i can not believe kim had to go throu what she did in this show she was treated rudely - taylor is a lier and a trouble maker and can not believe what she says and kayle poor little kayle she never does anything wrong and believes a trouble making lier like taylor well i can see they need each other cause there both just alike and desreve to be friends -so be it kim you are so much better then those 2 anyway you have a heart,don't like drama like your sister,thats a great thing love sweety


    My mother is an alcholic and no-one ever saw her drinking. She hid it very well until she was slurring her words and not being herself. I did notice Kim in several interviews seemed a little off and when she was re-capping the Allison Dubois situation to here daughter she was slurring. I think Kyle lost her cool and feel sorry for both. People used to think I was mean to my mother so I feel for Kyle. Once my mom got help now our relationship is better than ever. Kyle needs to get to go to meetings for families of alchoholics so she can learn to control her anger and support her sister. She does have anger issues towards everyone not just her sister but Camielle as well so maybe an anger management class as well.


    Kyle, with Taylor's help, has turned into the mean girl of the RHOBH. Taylor is a phoney, nasty, lying manipulator and Kyle buys right into it. It is sad that the two of them have decided to gang up on Kim.


    I like Kim and i think her sister should stick up for her more often, and yes there personal stuff should be kept private ,Taylor is just unhappy with her husband and does,nt want to admit it , I like Lisa and just love love Jiggy want one like him.i would love to see Kim in movies or on a show again.seems she would make a real good friend Would like to meet them ,but i,m just and ordnairy person,not a celeb/


    Kyle overracts and exaggerates everything, whether its a plane ride, her daughters graduation, or even setting up a party. And after watching the way she ganged up with her friends to humiliate and ridicule her sister, she's on the all time Worst Housewife list.

    Kyle claims to be such a good mother but what kind of example does she set for her daughters by her own childish, vindictive behavior towards her own weaker sister? Self deluded Phony.

    Kim lets Kyle walk all over her and takes the blame for everything. We feel sooo sorry for her and wish she would get help and stop being victimized by her own family.

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