Kim Kardashian Adopts a Baby!!!

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On last night's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kim Kardashian spent a bulk of the episode pretending to cry over her naked spread in W.

But the reality star has a major reason to be happy this morning: she's a new mother!!!

As confirmed by this random tabloid, Kim has gone against her family's wishes and adopted an African-American child. It's surprising the mainstream media has not reported on the story, but we all know how much Kardashian likes to keep her private life private.

Kim is a Mother!

Editor's note: if you believe a word of this cover story, you likely also believe that Kim, Khloe and Kourtney actually write their own blogs and that Charlie Sheen will exit rehab a changed man.

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OMG Kim I can't believe your adopting, the baby is adorable,you don't have to regret it because I know you,ll be a great mother,
P.S I love you sooooooooooooooooooo much, and I've seen every episode of ever season of keeping up with the kardashians


To "me" someone should give you a ticket to the moon so you could not annoy anyone anymore with your stupidity. Her name is Kourtney and not Kourt and she does nit talk babytalk. Grow up


I so dont believe this story, yeah kim is a totally nice and sweet person that would help anyone who needs it but adopt i dont think so at least not yet.


I dont believe dat story at all i mean common get real


Congrats to kim


i don't either i think its good to adopt look what nicole k and sandra doing and other celebs trying to say life


Well i had the chance to see them all in Dash Miami and had the chance to meet Kris, i would say underneath it all they are all good people and even if people say that Kim adopted the baby for the wrong reasons she is saving a life, i actually have nothing bad to say about this, im actually proud of the new mom!


well if this is true i think thats good for her because she can't keep a man for a long time so many this is good for her and the baby sandra did it why not kim


For Kim K. any and all photo ops will do!!


Wish someone would give the bimbo a oneway ticket to the moon.take the other baby talkin ditz kourt with her.