Kourtney & Kim Take New York Recap: Staged Fights, Feigned Shock Over Naked Pics

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Last night's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York focused on some events we saw play out months ago in real life, because these girls are celebrities and all.

Kim taking it all off for W Magazine (and feigning horror and how nude she looked in the final issue) and Scott Disick's nightclub fight were both shown last night.

Our staff member reviews all the action on both fronts here:

We're all in agreement that Kourtney & Kim Take New York is just as scripted as the other Kardashian reality shows, but does that keep us from watching?

Certainly not. In fact, last night's episode was reason enough to tune in for a few "realistic" reasons: the Kim Kardashian naked spread in November's W Magazine and the infamous club fight that transpired in October.

The producers happily burned whatever weaksauce script they had come up with, and instead captured the very essence of Kardashian drama.

We read about the details surrounding the night Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Scott were out at a club when a male fan asked Kim for a picture.

Things got out of hand when the fan's girlfriend accused Kim of hitting on her boyfriend. Though Kim did her best to convince the woman she wasn't trying to hit on her boyfriend, the woman continued to antagonize Kim. 

Then Scott came to Kim's defense and attempted to break up the argument.

Things became heated, one thing lead to another and Scott had to be separated from the vagabonds. This all apparently happened while Kourtney was in the bathroom, so you can imagine her surprise when Khloe and Kim insisted it was time to go.

Given her past with Scott, you can (sort of) understand why Kourtney refused to talk to him the rest of that night. It wasn't very fair, but at the same time we don't know the private details of their relationship. 

What we do know is we like Scott a little more after he stood up for Kim. After the club incident, Khloe doesn't loathe Scott as much as she used to. It was the first time in awhile we viewers saw everyone on the show being somewhat "real." 

Kim Kardashian Nude Picture
Kim Kardashian Naked Photo

Next crisis: Kim's nude spread in W Magazine. While I get that Kim was embarrassed that the "art" promised to cover her naked body wasn't delivered, I have to wonder if she and the editors were on the same page.

Wouldn't you want it made crystal clear (and in writing) that you are only going nude for this high-fashion magazine if objects were covering your girly bits?

While the cover looked great, Kim's silver-painted body was on full display inside the magazine. Why are you only finding out it goes to press that you're naked? 

There was a miscommunication somewhere along the line, and if Kim was as newly-New York'd as she claimed, she'd have acted sooner upon finding her naked ass all over the pages of W Magazine. And there would have been lawyers involved.

Things You're Talking About To Soften The Blow Of Monday Morning

Khloe visiting her sisters in New York means lots of inappropriate behavior with Kourtney. I'm so excited! And look! I was right. Kourtney jumped up and latched on to Khloe in the lobby of the Smyth Tribeca.  Naturally, Kim hung to the side.

Once upon a time Khloe was adamant about moving to New York and being on her own. Last night she proclaimed that she loves visiting New York, but could never live there. Amazing what an ice rink on your finger and a big-ass home can do to change your mind.

"Who do you like better? Me or Kim?"
"Probably you."

Kim's eye makeup doesn't even move when she sobs. Not one smudge. What does she use?

"I don't talk to people of your nature."

After seeing a copy of the magazine, Kim declared that she's never going nude again. Famous last words.

Khloe, your purple Birkin matches Scott's cashmere sweater. You two really have a chance at rebuilding your relationship.


Everyone is commenting on her butt in the photos and that she was upset about the photos, but what about how upset she was about them, and crying hysterically, yet her whole face was completely frozen????? the only thing moving was her overinflated lips.....so much for "never doing botox again" after she had a bad reaction. She was a beautiful girl, but now she looks plastic and fake. It's really a shame.


Haha. I agree with Stephenie.


im totally not a hater. kim was beautiful, but she looks like she did 10 plastic surgeries too many. and she always had a cute big booty. im a african american/hispanic mixed female, we are naturally thicker. we don't like skinny, flat as a board shit. but wtf is with her booty? it looks like the dr. accidentaly used water bed mattresses instead of normal butt implant bags. that is not a real booty anymore. that is not cute curves that is like an old woman ass, or better yet, its disgusting just like nicki minaj. that is NOT A CUTE ASS. its just NOTTTTT! you can almost see the egg shaped plastic implants they put in her ass and nikki minaj's, what is wrong with them? who would think this is a good idea for plastic surgery? to get water bed mattresses inserted into your ass cheeks?


The only reason she claims to regret it everytime, is so she can maintain her "innocence" in her own eyes. It's always someone taking advantage of her, or someone lying to get her to show nipples. Beeotch, u r a nude model! just own up to it!


Agree Sara and she asked for it, come on!! She's the on bitching about the sex tape and pictures that was only released with her approval. It's not like she asked us and we told her to do all this stupid shit. She brought this upon her self, so no I'm not going to stop until she does, which is never so THERE Stephanie!


no because it a freedom of spech and we can make comment about her because she is a whore


your guys are somewhat right but if you dont like her or them then what the heck are you here talking s*!# Build a bridge and get over it! You still watch the dang show so shut it cause "Every Party Has A Pooper And The Pooper Is You"-Khloe Odom!


Kim had to approve those pics before they were printed, she cant have it both ways either stop taking ur clothes off you fake plastic whore or keep taking them off and put a d!ck back in your mouth to stop u whining about it!


You know you wouldn't have a problem with naked pics if your keep your fucking clothes on!! WOW what an idea!
OMG that butt is disgusting!! Whether that thing is real or not, it is not pretty Just saying!


I'm sorry but the entire episode seemed over the top scripted... how can u tell me that they're not going to have security at a club thats shared with the public? u think a random girl is trying to think that kim k is hitting on her low budget, poor boyfriend? she'd want a pic too.. u cant play us idiots u dumb bimbos

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