Kate Gosselin Bikini Photo: Hot or Not?

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Let's be honest, Kate Gosselin is looking pretty good these days.

We realize any attraction is mitigated largely by the fact that we're talking about Kate Gosselin, but you've got to hand it to her on her workout regimen.

With Kate's poor, tried kids in tow, she lounged in a bikini by the pool Australia this week. Would you go Down Under with her, if you know what we mean?!!?

If you don't know what we mean, it's spelled out below ...

Hot Kate Gosselin Bikini Pic

The mother of eight heats up Australia ... or does she! [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Kate Gosselin: Would you hit it?


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@Lee, she had had EIGHT F****** KIDS, how should her belly look man? She looks great!! With eight kids, its amazing that she has any time to workout or do anything for herself. Hell, she has to be more stressed out than anyone of us that are even commmenting on this with all she's going thru. Kate, You do your thing, You look great!


I would like to see Kate wearing diapers and rhumba pants.


shed the bikini

@ dan

I Totally agree with you dan


@anon, you must be desperate and jealous because no one has ever said that about you and probably never will. Doesn't say much about you that is. So obsessive over Kate, what is wrong will you?


She does look good in that bikini except of course for that loose belly down there, but hey who is really perfect?? people should just stop hating on Kate! and start realizing that she's human too. I think she is a great mother but like everyone else she has her flows.


I call her Sponge Bob, because her body is square just like the Sponge! Also that loosy goose belly, ugh!! There is a MILF at my Gym who is 45 had two kids works out five days a week and has 8% body fat and a butt that the 20year olds cry for. There is no excuse for Kate. She needs to hit the GYM and get her tummy done. Also the way she moaned on Sara Palins Alaska really made me want to puke my guts off.
I hate all these woman who get famous through exploitation and then the entertainment press and their own publisists make the world believe they are hot...AND PEOPLE Actually fall for it !! UGH


I would not "do" her but I would allow her to give me head for an hour without talking & beg for the man juice ending !!!!!


Most definitely not. Not into the fakeness about her. Let's see . . . fake tan, fake nails, fake hair, fake boobs. I seriously don't understand why women think that they look good like this. Really . . . the majority of men hate this look. She's actually a big woman with a square figure. Is she overweight - no. But she also has no hour glass to her. Yes, men actually do like that. Lastly, who is she kidding when she says she never had implants. You can completely see the line of it in this picture.


She's a self-centered basket case. I feel sorry for the kids.