Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: The Videotaped Movie Date!

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Most readers will have one of two reactions to the video below:

  1. AWWW!
  2. I will kill Selena Gomez!

We hope the majority lean toward option one, as Gomez was spotted in Burbank last night with Justin Bieber. The pair went on your basic movie date, one that included a security team, screaming fans, paparazzi cameras and a plug for "Never Say Never."

Watch the adorable action now:

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•Vale♣§ღ♫»Sel!• We Protect Selenaღ↨Justin Drew Bieber, I ♥ U!**Miley, 6 fainasttca**Vale-tvb♥• scrive:13!!


they are such a cute cuple and all you haters leave selena alone and let justin be happy theres a huge chance that he will never date you so just leave him and selena alone


To: Justin Bieber And Selena Bieber
News flash you 2 make such a great couple what is the problem with letting every one know ? You 2 are such great actors singers and much more dont let anybody let you down because they are stupid and are saying that they are going to kill selena.When you 2 get married invite me to your wedding .HAHAHAHA
who knows that might happend hope so


Your lovely Justin is a piece of staged, over-spiced shit that mingled with another piece of shit called Selena Gomez. Every their 'date', so to say, is a staged action engineered for stupid fans like you. Don't be silly, live your own lives, and not the lives of these 'golden children'!


You people are just fuckin' STUPID just leave 'em alone!!


hey hey hey!! im a huge justin bieber fan too, but seriously. since when was he YOURS. chances are YOU will NEVERRRR date him or even get to talk to him! leave poor selena alone and let them be happy!


Theey makee such a cutee couplee ;)


ok selena cmon!! justin bieber??? really???? what ever happend to taylor lautner!!!! he is so much hotter than justin bieber and u 2 match perfectly!!! leave justin bieber for the little girls!!!


guys u cant stop it can u =D
just posting or reading here is the biggest waste of time (yes im bored) =D
to the JB girlies:
gomez took her purity ring off :P that looks to me like if little bieber put his dick in her pussy (if not everything of their public life is fake and just publicity. the jonas guy might have fucked her already) :P
please do urself a favor and get a life ;)


Leave all of your roude comments to yourself girls and anyways if they like each other than let them like geez!!!!!!!

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